FC Bayern Boscuz takes boateng in protection

At Olympic Lyon, Jérôme Boating was finally in criticism. Trainer Peter Boss took the former professional of Bavaria now in protection.

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FC Bayern Training - Boateng & Lewandowski geraten aneinander
At the 1: 4-fold against State Rennes on the 13th game day of Ligue 1 Boating provided a dismantled outbreak on the field for swirls. Subsequently, the central defender even had to smooth the waves.

His tantrum was due to the emotions, so Boating at Amazon : We are competitors, and if the communication is not so good, there is inevitably a little frustration, but thats also important if it is not so good runs.

Boating had caught a raven-black day himself and was criticized after the press right after the press. The 33-year-old has played like a spirit, so the lequip, his spectacular scene was that, as he made Leo Dubois to the snail.

But Lyon Trainer Peter Boss now raised Boating in the team. We did not play well at the beginning of the season. Even bad, said the former BVB coach at Verbal International.

With the commitments of the experienced professionals Boating, Emerson from FC Chelsea and Sherman Shapiro from FC Liverpool, however, this has changed.

Boating A very important factor

Straight Boating is a very important factor. He wants to win every workout. He has become 33 years old, with Germany world champion, the Champions League won, and nine titles won in the Bundesliga, when He plays four in training against four, he wants to win at any prize.

The fact that the former Bayern star with a good example is progressing, be particularly important for both the entire team and the trainer.

Lyon is currently located with 19 points on the seventh table.

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