Legacy of the Sith will change forever to SW TOR 14 December

Bioware finally released a pair from his mouth on the exact date of the premiere of the latest addition to his exact date. Legacy of the Sith, which will always change Star Wars: The Old Republic, officially debut on December 14!

This extension will be extremely important not only because of the new products introduced, but also through the round anniversary of the game. Star Wars: The Old Republic celebrates its tenth birthday! The Legacy of the Sith will take us to the Canaan planet, which is famous for its sharks. We will see what the wicked Darth Magus is preparing, and again we will meet old characters from the game. The addition will also introduce a new Flashing on the snow planet Elm, and the R-4 Anomaly operation will appear after it.

Legacy of The Sith Expansion Release Date Revealed! | SWTOR 7.0

Along with Legacy of the Sith, Star Wars: The Old Republic also will also receive a struggle system updating that turns the game upside down, removing the character class. The whole was described in detail here, I only mention that we would get more freedom. RNG related to the acquisition of equipped will also be removed from the game. More information in this place.

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