Star Wars Insider reveals why Star Wars Battlefront 3 is not happening

Star Wars Galaxies: A Realm Divided (named by fans likewise SG or Galaxies) was an MMORPG for Microsoft Windows, which was situated in the universe of the Star Wars Saga of George Lucas. It was developed by Sony Online Enjoyment (first as a verdant interactive) in partnership with Lucas arts. Key duty for the game design as Creative Supervisor was Ralph Foster. As a producer Baden Blackman got in. The game was shut off on 15 December 2011, concerning a week prior to the beginning of the MMOs Star Wars: The Old Republic.

So.. Star Wars Battlefront 3 is officially dead.

According to a new report, following battle 2042, the next game of says it will not be Star Wars Battlefront 3, but another battle. And according to this report, it is simply due to license costs to make a Star Wars Battlefront game. The report comes from the hand of an outstanding informant and industry filtering, Tom Henderson, who claims that the license costs of the Galaxies Galaxies means that you need 20% more sales than a battle-game to win the same amount of money. That said, not everything is pessimism for bug of the amateur galaxies. Henderson adds to this and points out that EA is currently working in two guard of the galaxies games. Henderson does not say what these games are, but we believe that one is Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2.

BATTLEFRONT 3 was a title released by says, but finally, EA knocked it down due to license costs. It was rejected because it takes 20% more sales to win the same money, said a previous developer. «Although it seems that it says it is not working battlefront 3 (and instead another battle ), there are currently two galaxies — developing titles under EA — but it seems that those titles are more based on history / for an Only player instead of multiplayer.

Henderson continued:

«Since several key developers who worked in Fatally since then have left the study says last year, including the tastes of battlefront IIs the Creative Director Dennis Randall, the main designer of the Christian Johannes game and the main designer of heroes Guillaume MRO would indicate a battlefront 3 It is very unlikely.

As you can see, Henderson leaves the door open for Star Wars Battlefront 3, but do not expect this door to open soon. As soon as we have heard, the series is frozen, and not only by the license costs involved.

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