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NCS oft is a South Korean firm that creates multiplayer online video games, including massive multiplayer duty computer game, such as Family Tree, Guild Wars and also Ion.

Update from 15 November 2021: How well is it currently running in Guild Wars 2 from the financial side? This reveals the new financial report for the third quarter 2021. While the Publisher NCS oft itself is not so good, the players and developers of Guild Wars 2 may be happy: Arena nets MMORPG had the best quarter for years — more precisely it looked so well Last 2018! The sales figures were able to keep well without new story content, Maps & Co. A Redditor has summarized the last quarterly reports. With a 2 percent increase, the Q3 2021 could overruled the strong Q3 2020.
The sales figures of Guild Wars 2 — from the release in 2012 to Q3 2021. (via Reddit) Source: Reddit

End of Dragons Hype Is Real!

Guild Wars 2 : Can't Start Game Minimize FREEZE After The  Patch (SOLVED)
The hype around the expansion end of Dragons appearing in February seems to be strongly influenced by the number of players and thus expenses of the community. Whoever thinks that the pre-order numbers for End of Dragons will be sobering: At Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire, the pre-order numbers found themselves in the fourth quarter report, which we also expect this year.

Source: MassiveLy op, NCS oft

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Original of 19.5.2021: NCS oft has published a new financial report for the first quarter of the year 2021 and the draws no beautiful picture — at least in comparison. At the same time in the previous year, MMO publishers from South Korea recorded 30 percent higher revenue. However, this is mainly due to the Lockdowns based on the Corona Pandemic in the first quarter of 2021 and all of NCS ofts new mobile launches: this strong quarter would already be a strong piece. If you look at the non-mobile games, the matter looks very different.

Guild Wars 2 shines with revenue in the new financial report

Compared to the previous year, NCS ofts revenue has increased by Guild Wars 2 by a proud 25 percent. It is interesting if the poorly arrived final of the Disrupt Saga will affect the next quarter report in August. It is possible in reversal but as well as that the hype around the closer-back extension brings more players to Syria again. In July, there will be a gameplay insight for the first time via Livestream with information about the beta. The final of the iceboat saga has disappointed many players — too short was the large announced confrontation of iconic GW2 opponents. Source: November Currently players from Guild Wars 2 are looking forward to the free release of past episodes of the living world. The whole thing starts on May 25th.

Mobile stumbling, existing MMORPGs from NCS oft are the winners

In addition to Guild Wars 2 (Buy Now €49.95) also aion with strong revenues that even double as high as in the previous year. Lineage Eternal AKA Project TL should continue to be a priority, with other tests in planning and a confirmed release for Next-Gen consoles. Cutout from the quarterly q1 2021 by NCS oft: The MMORPGs are developing well. Source: NCS oft Source: MMO Fallout, NCS oft

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