Guild Wars 2 Why does a shop take care

The In game Store of Guild Wars 2 always ensures mixed feelings in players. He does not contain Pay2Win elements, offers only cosmetic features, and you can even exchange in-game gold against the shop currency gemstones.

But for some adventurers, there is always a thread tissue that about all the riding skins (up to one) are in the shop, especially imposing weapons skins land there and also impressive outfits. It is all the more curious that a new shop item in the social media is a pleasure!

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New back is perfect for archers

In the gemstone shop, there has been a package with the back part forest archer cloak since the latest namely. This is a real premiere: it is not a quiver, and its no cape — but both in one! Accordingly, the whole thing looks like:

Why are players looking forward to this skin?

Clears are not long in the game yet — and so far they were often too short, two-dimensional or much too much with effects overloaded. The new back is a stylish skin without unnecessary effects, which looks really long and real, as even a small hood lifts off the fabric. In this respect, non-bow users are also looking forward to the skin, which can also be worn without quiver.

The quiver and the cape are super detailed and impress with high-resolution textures. Source: Wars

The Combination of quiver and cloak has not yet existed — only on a concept type before the release of the game there was such a forest run (which also looks damn cool with it).

Guild Wars 2: Why does a shop-skin shine just for such enthusiasm? (2) Source: Arena net

The price is ok! The forest archer package for 600 gems gives players a total of three skins: quiver, cloak and quiver with cloak. In this respect, many of them see a great deal, which gives them a new look for their back for 200 gems.

So the community responds to the skin

If you look at the Subreddit of Guild Wars 2 (Buy Now €49.95), players about the four dyeable channels (two for quivers, two for cloak), the price, the length of the capes and generally the attention to detail.

I love it. More realistic-looking skins, Net., Writes about omega turtle.
I come back from a GW2 pause, just to buy the best cloak ever. Net, what did you do with me?, Wit again Tripolarknight.
I love it, the best cape we have at the moment! Twisted alga
600 gems for 3 skins. Nice. Carnifex2005

I have so many mixed feelings about Mesmer in guild wars 2, and I will tell you why..[gw2]

Other celebrations directly the designer Chelsea Mills, known for a wide variety of skins such as Legendarys, Waffenetsets and Shop Skins. The thanks directly in the thread with a heart.

What do you think about the new quiver? A must-have for archers? Is the cape alone worth it?

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