GW2 Black Friday offer Gems is currently available for a reasonable price

What guarantees in GW2 style is often in the gem shop of the MMORPG — a fact that you can find good or bad. But the fact is that you get in Guild Wars 2 Store Cool Outfits, Weapons, Mount Skins, Special Armory & Co. Although you can buy gems with gold, but you can buy them for Euros as well.

This is currently as much as possible: because in the GW2 Black Friday Sale, gemstone cards are currently reduced by 20 percent, which is otherwise as good as never the case. On Amazon you get 2,000 gems for 20 euros, rather than usually 25 euros. The offer is valid until 29 November 2021.

Also interesting: This shop-skin in GW2 allows player hearts to beat faster. In the In game shop you get, for example, cool riding skins and outfits that overwrite your armor — as in the picture. Source: find good

Complete extension of GW2 also to the ridiculous price

In addition to the In game currency, GW2-interested but also a thick batten content to secure content to almost cheeky price: The extension Path of Fire gets you just 50 percent cheaper — for only 15 euros! This offer is even valid until December 31, 2021.

Get you Path of Fire, have new weapons sets, arms sets, story missions, the continent Elena and especially mounts available. On top of that, there is now the previous extension Heart of Thorns for free to Path of Fire. In these also additional areas, weapons, arms sets and the learning para glider control! So you only play the main game without extensions, is just the perfect moment to strike — We can highly recommend Guild Wars 2 including extensions.

Guild Wars 2 - Black Friday Sales! & First Free Gem Giveaway! | #Shorts

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