Spider Man of Marvel s Avengers was inspired by comics but his creation was a challenge for the study

The 3D game team recently interviewed several members of Crystal Dynamics, Marvel’s Avengers developers. With the arrival of Spider-Man a few days now, we asked the studio the source of inspiration after this version of the famous superhero, in addition to the difficulties presented during the development to reach the result we know today.

Our spider-man is not based on the one that appears in the SCOTT WALTERS SCOTT game Source for this Spider-Man, ours is not based on the one that appears in The Insomniac game, said Scott Walters, master designer of the studio. We prefer to use the root of the character, and from there we take out what is necessary to create the history, movements and skills of it.

Marvel's Avengers: Spider-Man Exclusive Hands-On Preview

However, that was not the only thing that Crystal Dynamics analyzed to create his own Arachnid hero, because Walters also mentioned that the team is supported by other means, as caricatures, movies and video games, even throwing a look at the Titles that appeared in the first PlayStation.

The displacement of Spider-Man was the most difficult thing for the study Our goal when creating a superhero is to make known what identifies it, which makes it special when you see it on the screen, Walters continued. For Spider-Man, the most important thing for us was to leave very clear powers of him, like swinging with his cobweb and climbing walls.

Speaking of swinging, it was displacement of the hero, which presented the most difficulties at the time of development. The combat was not the challenge that the study thought, but when wanting to express a new feeling in the Spider-Man movement, the team had to work harder. We already did something similar with Kamala and the extendable arms of it, but that did not represent the feeling of freedom and flexibility we wanted with Spider-Man, Walters concluded.

Spider-Man will arrive at Marvel’s Avengers next to November 30, as an exclusive character for PlayStation. The new Gameplay of him in detail of him allowed us to see the powers of him in action, and how he differs from the rest of the cast and present in the game.

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