WMADID P2E New on Boarding of Action Square on Wicked Platform

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[Data provided: MADRID]

Action Square Women’s onboarding Decision Collaboration Authentication

Developed as a new P2E

MADRID was decided to turn on the new Mobile Games of Action Square to its blockchain platform.

Action Square was the first to play Korea for the first time in Mobile Games as .

is a new mobile blockchain that connects the IP Mac. The Three Kingdoms Blades>, Blade 2>, and , and the high quality graphics, excellent action and fitting is being developed as a game with high quality graphics, excellent actions and strikes.

is served as a P2E game on the Aims platform and introduces the game token ‘Act2CO: mentation (ACT2CO: tent).

Act to is available on the game, and it is utilized for purchasing various goods in the game. From the DEX of the Aims Wales, you can also exchange it with a token of a wick token or other game.

The MADRID is a half-shaken participation in Academic. Aims to serve 100 services that make up the Aims token by the end of next year.

The Representative of Gang Hymn BUK, Gang Hymn, said, A sense of action, which is a leading action game, is expected to participate in the Eucalyptus, Blade: Reaction>, and it is expected to participate in the Eucalyptus Blade: Reaction. I said.

Action Square Kim Yeo-jin said, I am very pleased to be able to showcase the game name of the game, and I am very pleased to be able to introduce the action masterpiece as a P2E game. I will continue to have a blockchain business.

aims at Global Launch in 2022.

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