Tiktok vs Twitter Where to get FUT

Trading in FIFA is a little science for itself. There is so much to note that ignorant quickly hypes and false information go to the glue. Then a rumor is scattered on TikTok, and the prices for cards go on roller coaster ride.

Anyone who puts coins for the wrong time, maybe stay on his investment. And the more complex something becomes, the more advisory services there are also. But are the thing? This and more want to clarify our experts in today’s Tiktok Esport Talk from 18:30 clock live on Twitch.

Trading expert Jan Bergmann, our host, has been invited to top-class guests again and asks: How serious is the whole thing? What kind of possibilities offers TikTok, where is the danger?

Turning should be the discussion about the Trumpery of FIFA : Bergmann wants to illuminate the different trading methods and offers and put on the test bench.

But that’s not enough, the channels are also discussed, about which such offers come. The trading scene is currently active mainly on Twitter, but TikTok plays an ever greater role. Also, YouTube and Twitch are logically like all types of solid channels with consulting services.

There are free and those that cost a bit, some monthly, others unique. We want to look at that. Where are the differences? What can you expect from the products?

Jan Bergmann in the run-up to the talk

Bergmann can discuss this with experienced guests: On the one hand, Sasha ‘Notified’ Braining er is back with it, a very experienced trader. For the first time Stefan ‘Blacks3’ Leis, who has recently even been active for Leno Esports as an advisory trader.

The round completes football professionals and boss of the Wiesbaden Esport Department Sasha KM OCI’ Licensed. He can look at the whole thing from a newspaper view for all who drive a competitive approach, says Bergmann and is sure that today’s exciting discussion will arise today.


But of course the four participants do not just want to talk to each other — your questions and comments are always welcome!

We stream on Twitch and over the chat you can get rid of everything that interests you. Bergmann will take your contributions to discussion. Turn on, today from 18:30 on Twitch.TV/Tiktokde.

In our channel you will find all the videos!

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