DontNod Entertainment s psychosurroler ADV Twin Mirror Start delivery of STEAM version via one year s time exclusive

Donned Entertainment, known for works such as Life Is Strange, has started delivery of adventure games Twin Mirror Steam version.

This work is a psychosurgeon set in the small town Bath wood in the United States West Virginia. The main character’s former survey Journalist Sam Higgs visits his hometown for his best friend’s funeral, and the truth of the case and the secret of the city, and the story that faces itself.

This work is released to PC (EPIC GAMES store) / Overseas PS4 / Xbox One on December 1, 2020. With regard to PC versions, Donned Entertainment and Epic Games have been announced to be exclusive delivery for a year.

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Twin Mirror is delivered for PC (Steam / Epic Games Store) / Overseas PS4 / Xbox One. The demo version is also delivered on the Steam store page. STEAM / EPIC Games Store version has a 50% off sale.

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