Valorant They move the Kr Esports match by case of the Covid

Riot Games He followed the case of Team Liquid with Nail Rivera Benito. As we talk about this publication, the athlete gave positive in the PCR test, mandatory to determine if it is possible that he competes in the Valorant Champions. So, to safeguard the other competitors, he can not be in the Berlin Arena. He must play from an isolated place, but on the same server as the rest of his team.

Alex Francois, head of competitive operations of ESPORTS de Valorant, reinforced the protocols through a statement. He mentioned that Riot Games’s top priority is to take care of all those present. As a measure of protection before the COVID-19, all participants must perform a daily antigen test, as well as a PCR test twice a week. During mandatory tests, A-Team Liquid member was positive in one Francois recapitulated.

Rivera had dealt with the Coronavirus (Covid-19) weeks ago, presenting a quick improvement. But considering that the pandemic affected Berlin again, Riot Games must accept more than ever the protocols established by the authorities. Then, even if Rivera is in a position to play, he must do it in an isolated environment. Francois explained that he will be used in a LAN network built in quarantine facilities. The other teams of Team Liquid, as well as the rival of Turn, will play from two practice quarters in the vicinity of Rivera.

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Francois mentioned that the order of the items per day is subject to change. To guarantee a correct organization, the debut meeting of Team Liquid and GRU Esport will be played on Thursday, December 2, at 2:00 p.m. MX / 15:00 CO / 17:00 AR / 21:00 is. It will be the last set of the day. Missing details about the rest of the days.

The Valorant Champions has a group stage with double removal format for the best of three. From here it will come out the Top 8 that will play the qualifiers.

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