Grid Legends Release and first gameplay is also available

In July of this year, Code masters announced that the game is worked off the annual F1 series. Since then, we know that a new grid is in the starting blocks. During a live stream, new information was now presented to the game. Including when the Arcade Racer appears.

When will Grid Legends appear? The release for PS4 / PS5, Xbox consoles and the PC is 25 February 2022. This also makes it clear that the game appears a good one week before Gran Tourism 7. Whether it really comes to this duel of racing giants, but is more than questionable.

Code masters show first gameplay by Grid Legends

As we know it from the turn, we’re rising again from the truck via F1-Boliden about touring vehicles in very different classes. How the whole thing looks in motion, you can see in the LiveStream:

Important information from the video:

Story mode (live action) Driven to Glory
Career mode with 250 events
Return of drift and excreting races
New Electric Boost Race
Over 100 vehicles for release
Multiplayer with new hop-in-feature

GRID Legends | WORLD-FIRST Gameplay & More Revealed!
Also is known that Grid Legends offers Crossly. So you can also play between the generations. Who has an Xbox One, does not play together with PS5 players on request?

game-Preview to Grid Legends

More about Grid Legends we reveal you in the coming week. After an event with developer Code masters, we were allowed to play the Arcade Racer. What exactly and what impression has left the racing game, you will experience it soon.

Questions about the game: Do you have certain questions about the game, you like to introduce us to the comments, and we will discuss the respective points in our preview.

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