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C’mon C’mon is an American dramatic film in black and also white of 2021 composed and routed by Mike Mills. It is starring Joaquin Phoenix, Gaby Hoffmann, Scoot Monera, Molly Webster, Jalousie Young-White and Woody Norman. The movie had its opening night in the 48th version of the Tellurium Movie Celebration on September 2, 2021.

Atomism Co., Ltd. is held in the Castle and Dragon that is well-received at App Store · Google Play, and the first collaboration event with TV anime Tokyo Gas TKO Girl is held from November 30, 2021 (Tuesday) I knew it to

Cubism Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Total) is popular with App Store · Google Play, Castle and Dragon (hereinafter referred to as Castle Dora ), TV anime Tokyo The first collaboration event with seed too Girl (hereinafter referred to as Tokyo Satan ) will be held from November 30, 2021 (Tuesday).

From November 30 (Tuesday), we will hold the first collaboration event with Tokyo Sakai. During the period, Kane gin appeared as a collaboration limited character as a collaboration limited character. Furthermore, Kirishima, Suzuki Ta, Ayala General also appeared in collaboration Abbey as a set of collaborations for swordsman. In addition, if you clear the SP Dogging Event Kimono Wake go!, Rashida collaboration limited change Fujiyama Rough Set is presented. In collaboration events, some scenes in the Tokyo Maple work become maps, and the battle BGM also changes, and enjoy a limited time collaboration.

◆ Castle and Dragon × Tokyo Gas TKO Girl collaboration special site ◆ tokyoghoul/

[Collaboration period] November 30, 2021 (Tuesday) After maintenance-December 14 (Tuesday) 23:59

Kimono Sen, popular characters appear in Ava Tampa !

Limited character Kimono Sen appeared in Ava Tampa of collaboration ! Kimono Sen is available as a character egg in the first win. Since then, according to the number of winnings, I will, Kimono, Kimono (Semi-seed), Kimono (Torture) and Mizuki (Awakening), etc. Awakening from the usual appearance A wide range of clothes will be available to the state. In addition, as a limited change in swordsman, Kirishima, Suzuki Ta, Suzuki Amplification, Him Chichi will also appear, so I divide Ava and get it only during the collaboration period Get limited carat ago and items!

※ Bass icon is displayed only in Castle LV. 3 or higher

※ More information about other collaboration Ava Satsuma is described in the game in the game, so please be sure to check

[Collaboration Limited Character Kimono Sen ]

[Ava Tampa appeared period]
December 1, 2021 (Wed) 0: 00 to December 14 (Tuesday) 23:59

Skill 1000-7 Ha? If you hit the enemies and hit the own HP to the recovery of the HP, the power of the recovery amount Up Up will increase up to 4 times up to 4 times and the power will increase with his skill Lv11.

Swordsman’s collaboration limited change clothes! SP defeat event Kimono wake up! Held

From the SP Dogging Event in the battle, you can challenge collaboration SP defeat events that can be challenged using the new character Kimono Sen. By clearing a specific stage, you can earn a limited-changing clothes for swordsman Fujiyama Rough Set.

※ The number of times you can challenge defeating will be reset to 4:00 every day

[Holding period]
December 1, 2021 (Wed) 0: 00 to December 14 (Tuesday) 23:59

Maori appeared! Collaboration event battle of torture room held

A fearful Maori from highly consolation is an event that attracts the character of Castle Dora. Protect the castle with Defense Strategy set in advance, and repel the wonderful enemy, you can earn rewards such as Ruby and Dragon Medal. Prepare the defense unit in preparation for the attack!

[Holding period]
December 1, 2021 (Wed) 6:00 to December 14 (Tuesday) 23:59

Other, collaboration limited content is a lot!

Collaboration Limited Character Kimono Sen character voice has been newly recorded by the voice actor Have Katsuki. In addition, only collaboration period is a collaboration limited map Torture room that is the motif of the impressive scene in the Tokyo 喰 work, and collaboration limited map Torture room I rise. Let’s use Keynesian and win the battle!

In addition, in collaboration limited maps, the Tokyo Satan OP theme Unravel has become a special specification that reproduces as BGM, so please enjoy it.

Han’an Katsuki Her Profile Voice actor debut in 2011. Since he was starring with the Role of Hiroshima, Tokyo Sakai, Tokyo Satan TKO Girl Mimi Baku Riga, April is your lie AHIMA Plastic role, Ski no Blade Play starring with many popular works, such as the role of Yakitori Abets.

Tokyo collaboration mission held

During collaboration, you can earn up to 1500 ruby ​​when you achieve a variety of collaboration missions.

Get items daily! Tokyo Sakai Collaboration Commemorative Login Bonus held

In commemoration of collaboration events with Tokyo Satan, we will hold a login bonus who will receive up to 5 pieces of collaboration Ava Ticket. During the period, if you log in to the game up to 15 days, you can get a luxurious item once a day.

Commemorative commemoration of collaboration! Twitter present campaign held

We will carry out a commemorative commemorative commemorative! Twitter present campaign from November 30 (Tuesday). Castle and Dragon Official Twitter Account Following the Castle, by lottery, Collaboration Design Parker (A Prize), Collaboration Design Mug (B Award) This time We will give you an original good that commemorated the holding.

Holding schedule

application period
November 30, 2021 (Tuesday) Post-December 7 (Tuesday)

winning announcement
If you are elevated by a strict lottery, follow the Castle and Dragon official account and will contact you in Twitter direct message. The winning announcement will be replaced with the winning contact of the direct message.

※ Please note that winning will be lost if you are out of the account.

During December 2021 (planned)

※ Delay may occur for shipping due to reimbursement differences, such as distinctive circumstances. Please be aware in advance


An award collaboration design parker 5 people
Prize B collaboration design mug 10 people

way to participate

(1) Follow the Castle and Dragon Official Twitter Account (@shirotodoragon)
(2) Retweeted the tweet to be campaigned
(3) Participation complete!

※ Retweet uses Twitter’s official retweet feature

※ If you copy and paste the content of the tweet and paste and retweet it may be out of lottery.

Other detailed application guidelines, etc.

◆ Castle and Dragon × Tokyo Gas TKO Girl collaboration special site ◆ tokyoghoul/

Welcome & Newcomer Campaign Held

From November 30 (Tuesday), Warm & Rookie Campaign where up to 10000 Ruby and 10000CP are presented to the target user will be held.

[Holding period]
November 30, 2021 (Tuesday) After maintenance-December 14 (Tuesday) 23:59

Target user

· October 30, 202 (Sat) 0:00 to November 30 (Tuesday) Users whose number of days was less than 5 days during the period until 14:00

· New users who started the game during the collaboration period (Tuesday, November 30 (Tuesday) to December 14 (Tuesday) 23:59)

What is the TV anime Tokyo Gas Tour

The TV Anime Tokyo Gas Tour is serialized in the Weekly Young Jump and the popular comics with 47 million copies and 47 million parts of Comics are original animation series. TV animation (first term) from July to September 2014, in January-March 2015, Tokyo Seiko TKO Girl a and Tokyo in 2018 Tokyo Sabot Tokyo Girl: Re was broadcasted.


This world is wrong- Dazzling hopes to Tokyo. It is a monster that gives people more than death – Guilt. They are mixed with humans and hunting humans and beat their death meat. Humans were living with this wrong world while being scared to to reign at the top of the food chain. The university student and Kane, who likes reading, to meet the girl’s girl in his decent coffee shop I will. By the same age, border and reading hobbies, two people who are close approaching… I am not a man of a novel… but… but if I wrote one work in the protagonist-it’s almost Tragedy attacking human being called Ohio, it attacks human being and is afraid of 化 from the height of the killing ability, but the way they live does not exist other than the human being. Kane will be caught in a negative chain that can not escape while holding questions and conflicts in this distorted world.

© Shiva Sui / Squash · Tokyo Sebum Production Committee

Basic information

■ Title: Castle and Dragon ■ App Store: MT=8 ■ Google Play: HTTPS: // ? ID = castlanddragon ■ Genre: Real-time match strategy ■ Price: Basic free (item charge system) ■ Compatible OS: iOS / Android ■ Official site: Theodora / ■ Official Twitter: HTTPS: // ■ iOS Delivery Date: February 5, 2015 (Thu) ■ Android Delivery Date: April 16, 2015 (Thu) ■ Copy Light Notation: © 2015 ATOMISM CO., LTD. All rights reserved.

Company Profile

■ Company Name Corporation Assuming ■ Representative Director ■ Capital 10,000,000 yen ■ Settings December 6, 2005 ■ Location 〒 〒 100-0005 Tokyo 100-0005 Lunar, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 1,000 -6551-2813 ■ FAX 03-6551-2692 ■ URL ■ Email [email protected] ■ Project content game planning and development / planning and development of mobile sites Operation / As Consulting Business

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