Grid Legends announces its releday chosene date and shares an extensive GamePlay trailer

Grid Legends, the new driving delivery of code mday chosenters next to Electronic Arts, hday chosen announced its releday chosene date on PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, The next February 25, 2022 the day chosen to put the traffic lights in green for this new delivery of the Iconic Saga of Races. Next to the news a new and extensive trailer hday chosen been published with Gameplay, in addition to confirming the two digital editions that will be put on sale, with the standard and deluxe, already available for your reservation.

Grid Legends: New Trailer GamePlay

Thus, this new Grid Legends GamePlay trailer hday chosen confirmed some keys to its proposal with plus 100 vehicles perfectly recreated and more than 20 pilots that will pilot through more than 130 routes and plotted From all over the world, all this through a very realistic behavior of the rest of competitors: Prepare to have to drive when the car’s engine smoke that goes in front does not let you see anything. Do not lose sight of the sky, because a car could come flying after destroying a tire. Be careful with the aggressive AIs that will try to advance after having rubbed the body. Wherever you look, Grid Legends hday chosen moments of unpredictability and drama for all, explain from Code mday chosenters.

GRID Legends | WORLD-FIRST Gameplay & More Revealed!

On the other hand, the variety will be one of the key elements of the game with all kinds of vehicles, from hypercubes to trailers, skills, skid legends, iconic prototypes and stadium trucks. Enjoy a wide selection of test types, including a tense disposal mode, intense races with enhancers and the elegant return of the most amazing skins. To accommodate all these vehicles and tests we have a great catalog of locations around the world, from the most famous tracks in the real world, such day chosen Indianapolis, Suzuki and Red Bull Ring, to unique street circuits day chosen the new London and Moscow routes, or Even the new high-speed Alpine Strata.

The Deluxe edition of Grid Legends includes a Double Pack of Seneca and Raven west in addition to four packs with new events of history and professional career, game modes, locations, cars and challenges. They also include two exclusive cars (Volkswagen Golf GTI and Audi R8), designs, flags and vehicle improvements.

Grid Legends will have a price of 69.99 euros in its standard version and 89.99 euros in its Deluxe version.

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