Grid Legends is expected for an exit at the beginning of 2022 on PlayStation platforms

Electronic Arts (EA) is a listed, around the world operating supplier and also author of computer system and video clip games. The firm came to be understood mostly for his sports video games (Madden NFL, FIFA), yet also releases various other titles in various other subjects. From the middle of the 1990s, until the merging of Vivaldi Games and Activision to Activision Snowstorm in 2008, the firm was market leader in the field of computer games. With an annual turnover of concerning 3 billion dollars, the firm in 2007 has a market share of regarding 25 percent in the North American and also European market. The firm’s shares are provided in the NASDAQ compound and S & P 500.

Electronic Arts has acquired code masters earlier this year and the team has worked on many games. The combo publisher and developer announced that Grid Legends will head to the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 5. The release date of the card is February 25, 2022. Interested fans can preorder the game now on the PlayStation Store! The fans that will preorder will be rewarded with bonus content and more. Are you ready to take the track?

Grid Legends offers a new unique race experience while players take the wheel of more than 100 vehicles with twenty-one drivers. There are also more than 130 routes or trails to go. In addition, code masters has set up a new IA technology that could put a brake on the wheel. Players will have to pay attention to the wheels that embark on the air and pilots in search of revenge.

Code masters also intends to offer much more content in this game. There will be more cars, locations and ways to play than ever.

In addition, Race Creator mode allows players to control their experience. In Race Creator mode, the possibilities are endless because players can test their fastest cars on the Indy track or use electric cars in the streets of London.

In addition, Grid Legends promises other features such as extended career mode, new online features for multiplayer mode and more.

In his last trailer, Code masters gave the fans a first global gloss of Grid Legends gameplay and more. Seventeen minutes video will give all enthusiastic fans what to expect!

What do you think of Grid Legends? Are you a fan of race games? Are you enthusiastic about the exit on PlayStation platforms? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.

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