Valorant What time is Kr and Fury s game

GRU ESPORTS did not have the best boot at the Valorant Champions. The Argentine squad lost 2-0 in front of a Team Liquid that connected in Haven and Ascent, putting it into a row to play against Sentinels for a place in the qualifiers. While the team of Sergio Run Ague will play a day against fury, which has a lot of weight in its campaign by the international trophy.

Epic Game! Sentinels vs FURIA - HIGHLIGHTS | VALORANT Champions

As we know, the Champions Group phase is played in double elimination format. For this reason, GRU ESPORTS still has the possibility of reaching qualifiers if he wins the confrontation against fury and the December 6 deformation is carried out. The Latin American champion has already passed through something similar in the Masters of Berlin, planting a Brazilian team for a place in the best of three instances. Now, bets are much higher since we talk about the first FPS World Championship.

As for Fury, lost against Sentinels in a meeting that opened space to debate. Riot Games intervened by a supposed Bug abuse by Brazilians, pausing the day for 15 minutes. By returning to action, the Americans closed the third map, taking the ticket against Team Liquid.

Under the previous context, the day of December 5 lends itself to develop or start stories. Both redemption: the possibility that Brazil is met to the qualifiers is latent, but it is also that GRU ESPORTS returns to play against Team Liquid. Similarly, a horse victory over Tyler’s Sentinels Ten NGO would give a golden opportunity to Latin America to show off with a possible great Upset. For this, you have to know the day, time and match of the elimination meeting.

GRU ESPORTS will be measured against fury on December 5-point at 11:00 MX / 12:00 co / 14:00 AR / 18:00 is. As a color data, the same Run Ague has the possibility of transmitting the parties of its own squad from its Twitch channel. So the classic of Argentina against Brazil will have more spicy.

The winner of the party will be measured on December 6 against Sentinels or Team Liquid, everything in the same time.

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