Annoying The Jahn meets wrong decisions

Annoying Orange vs. FRED!!!

Regensburg drove back on Sunday with empty hands from Dagenham. Instead of rank two stood a 0: 3 defeat, with which not only horseback crossed. Also, Perseid Selimbegovic. We were good in the game and then get out of nothing 0: 1, the SSV coach explained after the game. The opposite hit the Oberpfälzer by a counterattack, we did not feel well backed, Breitkreuz stuck at John TV.

Really, the John was then broken shortly before the break with the point reference for David Otto, who flew from the square on his return to old facility because of an actuality of FCC scorer cooling weather. The red card is annoying. A half-time in mind in Dagenham, if you are already in arrears, is difficult, said Benedict Timber. Also, Because Dagenham is a ripped troupe.

This also saw Britkreuz like that, which also refurbished the missing necessary gambling track. Especially since the central defender saw his team in passing two with a man less partly better than the opponent saw. At least to the neck strike, the goal to the 2-0, that’s very well done. Selimbegovic also found that the John for the under rich then made good and nothing admitted, before the gate then incorrect decisions have met.

Now it is against Welder Bremen, which has landed a liberation strike against the 4-0 against AUE. That makes them all the more dangerous, as Breitkreuz determined. If Bundesliga players have breakfast again and have their confidence again, then it becomes all the more difficult. If there is a lack of undertaking, third place to secure and keep Bremen at a distance, Otto, which had contributed two goals and two assists in ten operations.

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