Grid Legends Release Scope and Many info on ambitious racing

Was announced Grid Legends, the sequel to the published in 2019 soft reboot of the popular racing series at E3 2021. It was in the first trailer material clear: It focuses on an impressive history in the name of Drive to Glory hear.

When you think of the popular F1 documentary Drive to Survive now who has successfully made the find inspiration — again. In F1 2021, also developed by Code masters, already the documentary was clearly in focus. We tell you what you can hope for from the story experience when Grid Legends appear and may what content fans happy.

When will Grid Legends?

The next part of touring car racing series from Code masters appear on February 25, 2022, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, Xbox One and PC (Steam and Origin). Here, fans can look forward among other platforms and intergenerational racing action, which would feature a tremendously user-friendly multiplayer system.

According to Code masters, it should be possible with only three keystrokes to jump-session multiplayer into one. No more waiting for friend requests and lobbies; choose a race and get into the action almost simultaneously.
Intensive racing or embarrassing bickering: who Interactive racing stories a rather bad reputation in the games’ industry, whether this can change with Grid Legends? Source: Code masters The focus is, of course, but the elaborately staged story that has on the F1 documentary Drive to Survive oriented and in common with the PlayStation blockbuster Ghost of Sushi and The Mandalorian.

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Driven to Glory : An impressive racing documentary for replay?

The illustrated with acting talents’ story mode Driven to Glory focuses on an underdog story, in total there are three personalities in focus. The cast of Sex Education star and winner Cut Fatwa who has received for his role of Eric in the Netflix show much praise is headed there.

The story is completed by the first woman who wants to prove himself in the racing world of Grid and an old acquaintance: Nathan McKone. Who already old parts of the Grid series played, the mark McKone as the unsympathetic and eternal champion of the Grid world.

Here is Driven to Glory in full-motion video cutscenes, which combines real elements with computer-generated backgrounds. This special procedure is currently most often in sci-fi series, especially in the Star Wars show The Mandalorian.

EA promises with the emotional story drama on each foot of travel. Written was the story the way, by award-winning writer Brad Kane, the Pixar films has worked on Ghost of Sushi, Telltale’s The Walking Dead and diverse.

Plenty of scope and updates

We Played GRID Legends, Here's What You Need To Know!

Grid Legends (buy now €79.99) offers a story mode and a career in which we may lead a team and a lot of scope in the form of more than 100 vehicles, 22 tracks (real and fictional) and categories such as Touring, GT, Open Wheel, trucks and electric, where electric vehicles are the focus. It is also possible to combine different types of vehicles in the mode multi-class with each other.
Truck against Mini: Who does not want to specified categories, which can in mode Multi-Car a wide variety of vehicles and situations together. Source: Codemasters Finally it has set itself the task to provide revisions and improvements in almost all areas. Whether it is the exposure engine, the driving behavior of the A.I. (Which already 2019er soft reboot convinced) or the reaction of many cars are on curbs and weather conditions, with grid Legends want you finally able to return to old successes of the brand.

Our preview of Grid Legends appear tomorrow, on 07 December. In it, we go some length with the new Racer embodying the first real collaboration between EA and Code masters. What do you think of the new features and content of grid Legends? Leave us your opinion in the comments.

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GRID Legends: release, scale and lots of info for ambitious racing title [Source: Code masters]

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