The best places in Genshin Impact to farm crystal nuclei

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crystal nuclei are amongst the rare resources ingestion Impact. Your automatically gets once their crystal butterflies collect. Mango you all the places where you will find several crystal butterflies can.

What needs its crystal nuclei? You need crystal nuclei especially if their efficient in spheres or thrive elements of looting want. Because with crystal cores you can create table Alchemy enriched resin on. Everything you need for 1x enriched resin are:

40x resin
1x Crystal core

You can up to 5 units of enriched resin crafting. It helps you to double loot in spheres and to thrive of the elements. When bosses enriched resin does not work.

Sometimes you need a certain number of crystal nuclei collect, so that you can progress in events.

Furthermore, you can these three items with crystal nuclei crafting:

Hardiness Potion (Alchemy Table)
Wind Potion (Alchemy Table)
Adeptensucher gourmet (blacksmith)

places for crystal nuclei in Moon City

Worthwhile localities in Moon City:

Statue of Seven in the northeast from the vineyard Dawn — 3 crystal butterflies.
When winery dawn between the vineyards and near the houses — About 9 crystal butterflies.
Suitable to harvest as a place to casually Philemon mushrooms of the house walls.
Statue of Seven at the Wind Rose — About 4 crystal butterflies.


places for crystal nuclei in Drachengrat

Worthwhile localities in Drachengrat:

Use the teleworkers to run near the Schlummerdrachentals thereafter towards the southwest. Follow the path over the broken bridge until you come to a small broken tower where three small white fairies are waiting for you. Collect them, to generate a blast of air will take you higher up the tower — three crystal butterflies.
Take the teleport er, which lies south of the snowy path and then flies to the East. There, a small island should be located — 3 crystal butterflies.

places for crystal nuclei in Life

Worthwhile localities in Life:

Fly from teleport er south of Xianfeng Mountain to Xianfeng Mountain out. Before him, there are several monsters that guard the entrance of the mountain — six crystal butterflies.
Also suitable for farms of crystal chunks and Nachtjade.
Teleports you to the sphere at the Yuyun towers — About 5 crystal butterflies.
Take the sphere to the north of Arcane Mountain and runs south toward the moss-covered dragon figure. Next to her is an underpass, where you will find it — About 4 crystal butterflies.
Teleports you to the sphere at Mingus village and walk to the southwest. There is an underpass — 3 crystal butterflies.
Can also be used to collect Nachtjade.

places for crystal nuclei in Trauma

Worthwhile localities in Trauma:

Do you use the southern teleworkers and let yourself fall in Alamo summit on the island Sarah, can you inside and outside rake in some crystal nuclei — Up to 12 crystal butterflies.
Worth also to gather around Alamo fruits.
Take the teleport er in the north of Tatarasuna on the island Kannada, climbs up the mountain to the south and runs up to the electrically charged Tree — 5 crystal butterflies.

With this guide you can easily collect around 57 Crystal Butterflies and thus 57 crystal nuclei.

The guys could help with farms: The 4-star character Says has the ability that crystal butterflies do not fly away if you approach. Gathers her but one and there are others nearby, they still take flight.

Figures such Vent and Keisha you can also help with her elementary ability. They are using these catapulted into the air and can catch crystal butterflies that flew into the air and were about to flee.

Crystal nuclei not spawn in the rain and every 48 hours.

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