Wow Challenges in the Magiere Tower According to Blizzard more demanding than planned

Have you already asked you in the context of the Legion time migration of Wow Patch 9.1.5 the new old challenges of the Madison ? If so, then maybe you feel like many players who bite the teeth at the challenges. According to various fans, the challenges feel clearly too demanding, despite already successful balancing adjustments but the developers have already reacted.

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Difficulty of the magic tower in patch 9.1.5 frustrated players

Players write, among other things, on Reddit that the challenges of the magic tower are obviously overturned. Users Synthman7, for example, complains that he could easily coach Xylem as Demon Hunter in Legion with equipment from the night festivals after some attempts, but now not even the first phase of the fight over start. Another Reddit user named Gneissisnice confirms this impression and complains that xylem frost flashes with a hit tore half the health of his demon hunter.

Frustration in the tower

The general tenor of the community in relation to the ministry tower and its challenges can be summarized accordingly that many fans are frustrated by the level of difficulty of content. This is especially due to the fact that the individual struggles on the PTR have felt much easier because the developers have missed the bosses in the release version more health.

The developers have meanwhile officially expressed for the difficulty level of the magic tower in Patch 9.1.5. You write in an official Blue Post: We are currently evaluating the data of the success rates in the ministry tower and have found that some challenges for certain specializations are more difficult as planned. We will report again as soon as we can deliver more information about what changes we can Plan to adapt these specializations to the rest.
Unfortunately, the developers do not reveal what specializations in their opinion in detail difficult. Who feels overwhelmed with the ministry tower, so can only wait — or try to mitigate the level of difficulty with better equipment.

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