Pubg makes its final bet it will be free to play as of 2022

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He savored the glory which represents the historical record for most simultaneous players in the history of Steam, but slowly deflated. PUBG had major complications to resist his own success and is barely able to reach the sole of your own shoes. Affected by the increasing number of alternatives in the battle royale gender and quality of titles like Fortnite, or Apex War zone Legends; Now the creators will one last big attempt to return to find success.

PUBG will be free to play soon

From next January 12, 2022, Unknown Player’s Battlegrounds will become free for all players. A change in business strategy that eliminates any barriers of entry to the title and comes nearly four years after the game will debut in early access format. Movement that probably want to replicate the success PUBG Mobile, one of the most played titles on the market of IOS and Android that has triumphed thanks to its accessibility.

Given the history of developers and based on the data that have been given regarding the relaunch of the title, the game will be unlocked for free except for cosmetics. Thus, all players can enjoy their eight maps and all weapons if they find them on the battlefield. A release that will encourage new players to give it a try and the older a back to a title that has not stopped striving to regain his community.

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PUBG is available on PlayStation platforms Xbox and PC. In addition, consoles are interconnected by cross game that takes time available in the battle royale. There are no excuses to enjoy one of the original experiences of the genre that promised to change the FPS.

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