Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade next week on PC

Such, that was a little unexpected, but not unpleasant for gamers who prefer to gamble on the PC. As part of the Game Awards 2021, the people of Square Enix have announced that Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is to buy for the PC from 16 December 2021, over the Epic Games Store. But this is not a 1C1 port of FF7RI for the PlayStation 5.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake on the PC with improved graphics

In the official press release on this surprise dope, the creators of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade hold that the PC version contains Toughies Episode Intermission any case. Furthermore, there are further technical adjustments that Viii should make even more to the optical delicacies.

Improvements in terms of textures, lighting and background environments, a completely customizable photo mode and a series of technical upgrades — including 4K, HDR, controllers with Input and Directing as well as mouse and keyboard. In addition, the game can be on appropriate high-end PCs expected to run with up to 120 frames per second, are reported.

Items for PC players


Apart from that, the buyers of FFI Remake Intergrade get all kinds of weapons, equipment, accessories and summoner-materia when buying — the items, by the way, will receive them from a gift box after the purchase of the PC version in the main menu, after you are launched.

You can look forward to the following things: the weapon Kaktakiken, equipment: Midgar-Ripe, Shinra-Reif and Bangle of the Born, Accessories: Starlet Belt, Make Crystal and Angel wings and the Summoner Material: Garfunkel, Chicago and Category.

And how does it look like? Finally, are you finally attacking or are the game interested in the bean?

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