Injury to Luca Pfeiffer You can almost see the bones

Shortly after the break, it came on the sideline to the fateful duel: Luca Pfeiffer and We Hunkier went both to the ball, the Paderborn defender Gathered Darmstadt attacker full of the foot. With a deep meat collar and a blood-soaked nozzle, Pfeiffer was led from the square.

Chance Fractures of the Spine - Everything You Need To Know - Dr. Nabil Ebraheim
There you can almost see the bones, said the visibly affected Lilies coach Torsten Lieberknecht on the press conference after the game. The wound was sewn with several stitches. Pfeiffer (So far twelve goal a night) falls great probability for the last game of the year next Sunday at John Regensburg (13.30 clock at Uwe Hüneier). Get opponent Hunkier came without warning.

Outrage about Michel’s

It was not the only contentious situation in the game. In the first pass, Paderborn’s Sven Michel was laughing with stretched leg and open sole in the duel with his former teammate Klaus Grassley and had caught him full by the thigh. Referee Daniel Sch lager covered it with a yellow card.

In the Darmstadt camp, the indignation was initially large due to the failed field reference. In addition, in addition, the Var did not turn on. Liebernecht himself held the ball later flat. On the question of how he saw the two fouls, he just knew: As Fouls.

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