Bungie author says she was not promoted because she was not good enough in Destiny 2

Palestine 2 is there a great insider report. An author of the game tells how bad the employees of the Story team were treated. She had been denied a promotion because she was not good enough in the game. Your job did not require any special skills in Destiny 2.

Which employee is? The US-side IGN has spoken with current or earlier employees at Bungee. A woman comes in namely there, Cookie Livonia. She has been working for Bungie since September 2016, first as a free employee, later than came to Bungee later and joined the Narrative Team. She remained in the company as a Managing Editor until August 2019.

In their position, she was responsible for the text in the game and fulfilled an editorial supervision. She says, before her time, Bungee had no big focus on that the story is conclusive, and the continuity is right.

Destiny 2: Discussing The IGN Bungie Culture Article

That would have led that there were hardly professional standards in the team: There were only a few people who have written things and led the thing, she said to IGN.

No promotion because she was not good enough in the game

That was the prob L European Championships: Livonia says: The chronically underlay suspended authors team would have been constant in criticism. They were told that they are difficult in dealing, their bosses would not support well enough, would be aggressive, roughly and could not deal with criticism.

These arguments would also be revived every time when it came to promotions. The applications for carriage had been rejected again and again.

Livonia says her in particular was said she could not be promoted because she was not good enough in the game. Her job had nothing to do with Gameplay design. When she then asked to give her more time to play, so she could get better, that was also rejected.

This is how this is discussed : Reddit discusses the whole insider report. This point that an author has not been promoted because they allegedly played too bad triggers a little incomprehension at the players. For in their view, they were virtually all bungie-changed, which you have so far at play, pretty bad in Destiny 2:

I see these guys while playing ideas and Raid-Along’s playing. The games like that as if it were the first time that she ever had some play. So the hell with it!
If you just do not want to promote someone, you think of any excuse so that it does not work as if you are visually.

Obviously fit some authors not in the culture of bungee

This is behind: The problems with the continuity in Bungee, who mentioned Livonia, was for example that Luke Smith confessed the boss of Destiny 2 once, he has no idea what the darkness is actually Great concept from Destiny 1.

Apparently, it was necessary bitterly that someone is concerned with exactly the topics for which Livonia was responsible. But from the report, it becomes clear that the author and team apparently had many conflicts with the old front. It is said that there were cultural conflicts because authors like Livonia, an author with roots in the Philippines, had difficulties as the Bessie of Bungee represented the women in the game.

The statement: We can not promote you because you’re too bad in Destiny 2 seems to be a kind of code that you say, You do not fit in here — you’re not a gamer.

That then also explains why the CEO of Bungee, Pete Parsons, emphasizes in his answer to the insider report so strongly that women and relatives of under-represented groups has taken much more focus and a lot in recent years Bungee has done. For as well as a person, Cookie Livonia, the integration in Bungee has apparently not worked at all from 2016 to 2019.

We have reported on the insider report comprehensively on Mango:

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