Pok mon Go makes Christmas even better and extends your bonuses

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On December 16 Pokemon GO starts the holiday event, which many bonuses have in store for you. Now Ni antic has indicated that individual bonuses to be extended. We at Mango viewed us what these are and in what time periods they can use it.

What is it? Because of the upcoming Christmas, it is in Pokémon GO from tomorrow, 16 December 2021 give a holiday event. This consists of two parts, and it includes, smaller mini-events, such as the Community Day in December or winter wonderland.

In addition to lots of Pokémon that you can meet on the individual highlights of the event, the bonuses may not be missing on this occasion, of course. These also differ depending on the event section. Single but now will apply for longer.

What bonuses are longer valid?

How Ni antic announced via their Twitter account on the evening of 14 December, you can during the upcoming holiday events from two extended benefit bonuses.

They write coach, in the spirit of the holidays, we have the exchange bonuses and extended both our December Community Day than for the Winter Wonderland event.

What bonuses there should be about these events The following two bonuses were planned for Community Day in December and winter wonderland?:

25% less stardust costs when you exchange (Community Day December)
Increased exchange-distance to 40 km (Winter Wonderland Event)

How long they are valid now The bonuses are to get for you in Germany and Austria in the following periods?:

Stardust bonus when you exchange: December 17, 2021 at 19:00 until 20 December 2021 19:00
Increased exchange-distance: 24 December 2021 at 19:00 to 27 December 2021 at 19:00

You Can FINALLY Get This Pokémon WITHOUT PAYING For It! (Pokémon GO Holiday 2021)
What the coaches to the extended bonuses say?

In the community, the coaches are delighted with this news. So umbongo44dd writes: I am satisfied. I can not so often meet with my friend me and still have plenty of Dating and Belgium for Sharing. Normally, we go both about 10 km, to meet us, but we do not have more now. (Via reddit.com).

But some coaches find the timing is not so well-chosen and a general Replace distanced would wish (via reddit.com):

Phillypokego: I do not understand why they are so stingy with the remote exchange actions.
Even if COVID-19 would end tomorrow, are the days when one person meets for exchange, long gone and never come back.

Jams: Probably the worst time of year for this event. I know that I celebrate again in my hometown Christmas and not have Pokémon Go-friends nearby. I suppose many people are in the same situation

Umbongo44dd: This should be permanent. I see no reason why this should not be so.

Increased or even exposed to exchange-distance coaches want a long time. This also fortunate exchange for Luck friends would be possible, which would probably otherwise never see because they live in different regions.

Whether Ni antic but generally increase the exchange distance in the future, is not yet known. Should this give official information, but you learn it natural for us to Mango.

How do you like it that the bonuses have been extended? Will you use this opportunity to exchange diligently Pokémon? Or you would you rather about other bonuses happy? Like to send us your views here on Mango in the comments and exchanges you out with other coaches.

During holiday events can also finally catch her a special Pokémon for free, to the many coaches already are waiting a year.

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