LOL Shaco meandering sowing fear among lovador crack players

The preseason of League of Legends is filling all social networks of very funny moments thanks to the numerous changes that Riot Games has made, both in some runes and in some champions, as well as the addition of new objects and souls of Dragon that will completely change the methane for the year 2022. This time we will not talk about a mechanics that can be done with the new rune or the synergy of some champion with the new objects, but we will see a pretty stupid bug Unusable but that is quite fun to see through the video that we will show below.

The video published by mrmartaytay shows the bug with which Shack can dance while he moves around the map ; That if, it is only possible for the double shack that we will get our definitive since it is the one that is not the real one. Under the title of Shack winding with many threats, it is a small-ended video of a minute that shows how this bug works and the fear that infuses since they are quite the players who have automatically run from the copy of Shack due What did not know how this bug worked.

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This type of exploits has caused more than one laughter in Reddit, which has harvested up to 666 positive votes (it seems to be demonic machined, but not) and that probably many people try to do the same show as this player, Although we do not believe that it goes better if this user who seems to be Main of this paid as dear as hated by the players of League of Legends. It will be necessary to see if they fix this bug or prefer to leave it to see it by the crack giving serpents like Naming in Harry Potter that both terror harvested young people from the departure of the novel.

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