An original copy of Zelda is sold for 4 000 dollars thanks to a curiosity it has a ramen logo

The auctions of Retro Video Games have left us with your mouth dissexed several times. We saw him a couple of months ago with the sale of Pokémon Oreo cookies and the auction of a very rare game & watch. Now, this topic returns to take the present with a copy of the first Zelda of the most particular. It has been sold by 4,000 dollars, but this is mainly because it takes the logo of a Japanese ramen brand.

As Kodak advances, an auction of Yahoo has ended with the sale of an unusual copy of Zelda, as it has the sticker of Mojo Foods’ Camera, a brand dedicated to the famous Japanese noodles. But the rarity does not end here, since this is a limited edition that was distributed to 1,500 participants in a lottery of the year 1986 carried out by Nintendo and the Ramen company.

Legend of Zelda (NES) Sells for $870,000 - I SOLD MINE FOR $80!

Despite this, the sticker does not change at all the game itself, so it is the same Zelda we saw once. In addition, this is not the first time we see a copy like that in the auctions market, since Kodak recalls that in 2016 an equal version was sold in Spain for $1,500.

Of course, there are rarities that are paid expensive, although we leave the reader’s consideration if they really deserve such prices. On other occasions, unpublished scenes of canceled titles have been revealed, something that occurred with a fan that was spent $357 on a CD with several seconds of Earthbound 64. However, retro video game auctions have reached the point of the Scam, as recalls the Sonic creator when an original copy of the game was sold for a ridiculous amount.

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