Nexon Probability Monitoring System Nexon Nau First Open

[Data provided: Nixon]

Provide the actual result of the probability content in the game Provides the ability to query the data

Expanded to live game with its first introduction


Nexon Lee Jong-un representative I will continue to pretend to make a new trust specimen

Nixon said that the game user has established a probability monitoring system ‘Nixon NAU’ to establish a reliable play environment and introduced his first online game today (23rd) today.

‘Nixon NAU’ is a system that periodically aggregates the actual application of probabilistic content in the game to provide an easy to view, enabled capsules, reinforced, realized content, to be.

Nixon plans to build a ‘Nixon NAU’ page for each game and visualize the main screen in a graph form to make sure that the probability information by major content is given to one eye. The items such as the actual probability of the aggregation period and the latest renewal time are also transparent.

This allows the user to verify that various probability elements are operating directly compared with the probability and actual results of the main probability content in the game.

Nixon first introduced ‘Nixon NAU’ in his representative online game for the first time. Since then, we plan to expand on the online and mobile games that are served in their own.

Lee Jung Leon, President Nixon, said, To enhance the accessibility of the probability information under the uniqueness of transparent information for the user, he built Nixon NAU, he said, Everyone has sympathized and continued to create a new sample I will take the lead.

Meanwhile, last March, Nixon has declared the entire release of the electrical reinforced compliance with the preliminary information on the existing disclosure of capsules. Since then, they have been investing in live games that are served by their services and have been completed for free mixed probability contents information.

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