Rating Tier List of Power Segun the Lore of the Riot Games Shooter

Video games today have two different planes. On the one hand we have pure gameplay, the methane and everything that involves the balance patches, as well as the use or endorsement of the characters, objects and other set systems. But on the other we have the internal history of the video game with which this gameplay will be agreed.

We are talking about the Lore, that set of myths, stories and details that make up a narrative within a multiplayer title that would hardly have an option to tell a story. An example of this is Valorant, the Tactical Shooter of Riot Games.

Who’s the most powerful?

A multiplayer game has to be balanced, that is, all the characters have to be viable, and none of them much more powerful than the rest. But this does not have to be like that at the story level. The characters have to have a different origin, some motivations and their skills a reason for being.

Therefore, some may be more powerful than others… even some being demigod and other mercenaries with a gun. In fact, this is something that happens at the also game of Riot Games: League of Legends. Now it’s time to take a look at what happens in Valorant.

The Tier List of Valorant

How Powerful Are Champions According to Lore?

As you can see, KAY / O is the most powerful… but if we rely on the direct struggle against other agents. On a personal level, he is neither a god nor a chosen by the stars, but he does have a key tool to overcome powerful characters such as Astral or You.


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