Sea of Thieves celebrates 5 million copies sold in Steam

Sea Of Thieves Giving Away Emote To Celebrate 5 Million Steam Copies Sold
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Since its launch at Steam last year, Sea of ​​Thieves HA continued to love a significant number of players. A few months ago we tell you that the game of rare had reached a new record of players, and now it already has another milestone for presuming in terms of sales.

According to a new publication on the official site of Steam, its authors revealed that Sea of ​​Thieves had already exceeded five million copies sold on this platform. Needless to say, but the team of rare is very happy and satisfied with all this:

We are excited to see more and more players — regardless of the platform, device or wherever they are in the world — join us in our pirate odyssey and make Sea of ​​Thieves a more alive place. Only in Steam, our growing community already has more than 10 thousand discussions, thousands of people looking to make teams with others and almost 500 guides written by you, players.

To celebrate it, Sea of ​​Thieves will be subsequently a mote for the whole community, and you have until today to claim it. It is enough to start session inside the game to obtain it.

Editor’s Note: Regardless of your opinion regarding this game, we can not deny that Rare has made an incredible work with all updates and free content for Sea Thieves. They rescued what could well have been an extremely forgetful experience.

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