Grid Talk Discussion with Simon Barlow of Codemasters

Recently, Cog connected had the opportunity to act concretely with the GRID network to come. In our overview, we noticed that Grid seeks to fill the intermediate point between arcade and simulation. While being conducted in various races with the main game designer on the game, Simon Barlow, we also discussed the Grid brand. As well as the game.

Simon Barlow: No problem, thank you for talking to me! As the main designer of games, my job is to be the player’s voice and a general defender of design. I take the creative direction of the game director to translate it into concrete designs, leading the features to implementation and ensuring that we always go in the same direction.

Even before we have chosen a name, I think that in general we had already considered a series of previous Grid games rather than Grid Autosport in particular. It mixes elements of the three and adds new things to the combination. Overall, so it seemed just to call it Grid, not like a restart, but rather like a culmination and a continuation of everything that preceded.

As players, we obviously play many other racing games, and we are certainly all fans of the Fora series. I have the impression that they may have abandoned the race to focus more on the driving and lifestyle that accompanies it. It’s always excellent games, but it leaves a lot of clear water for a much more convincing experience on the track, and that’s where Grid comes into play. Fortunately, we have always done well with this experience on the track., so that we can simply focus. Do what we do best instead of keeping an eye on competition.

Absolutely! As I mentioned earlier, we decided to make this game a culminating point of what was before. So there are elements of the three previous Grid games in this one. One thing that was still apparent was that, despite the differences in content and focusing the series, the tone was always present, this attitude to be slightly above the norm, to be a little more dirty and rude. You can see it in graphic design, audio and, of course, in the race itself.

We feel that there is a solid line ranging from the first grid to it, combining impressive action with a large mix of vehicles and places. This has always been the object of Grid: cars and incredible and sometimes bizarre tracks with excellent maneuverability and stories of really exciting motor sport.

One of the decisions we took early was not to restrict the player too much; It meant to give everyone the chance to live all the races of the career, whatever their capabilities and their final position. We obviously offer greater rewards by placing higher in the hierarchy to reward the more accomplished driving, but you will never hit a brick wall, and it should always be something interesting to make every step of this path.

First thank you, it’s a pleasure to hear that you enjoyed it! When I spoke earlier about the stories of motorsport, it’s really from there the idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčNemesis. Lots too few racing games spend time capturing the drama and the enthusiasm of a real race. They may have a precise vehicle physics and licensed tracks, but they rarely recreate the thrilling of motorsport in the real world. This thrill comes mainly from the drivers themselves and the way they interact. For us, this experience has become an important pillar of the game.

We all poured a lot of blood, sweat and tears in the realization of Grid, and love also reigns, not only for the other games of the series, but for the race Limeade as a whole. These games are missing too, and that’s why Grid feels so familiar and yet so different. Honestly, I think that does not look like any other race game. If you are looking for a visceral thrill, drama and excitement of motorsport in the real world, it’s the game you need.

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The exit of Grid is scheduled for October 11, 2019. Let us know in the comments below the type of car with which you are eager to run!

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