Youth organization Open the selective shutdown system

The youth group welcomed the abolition of a forced game shutdown that was implemented on the past day. This group claimed that the currently remaining game time selector was abolished. Game time selection system is a regulatory target.

The three-day candle used in the Citizen’s Solidarity (Certified Choir Jun Ho) has conducted a press conference that requires a nationalized game culture positive evaluation and promotion policy of the state in front of the government Seoul office. Candlelight Used Citizenship A group of more than 1,000 members such as students members and 200 adult sponsorship members, including more than 800 Used Members.

Choir Jun-ho said, The game, such as the last period of students, and the people of the students were revolted, he said, he said. He then emphasized that forced shutdown abandonment is not the end, not the end of the regular shutdown, the abolition of selective shutdown, the promotion and guarantee policies of the prefecture game culture, followed by the final puzzles of adolescent rights.

온게임넷 사고 구구!!

Won C High School Secretary Chairman Student said, There may be a young man who is a young student, but it is necessary to be a young, but it is a free race, not regulatory and control, he said. We needed, we have the ability to think and behave, and we would appreciate it if our society believes in the future.

Won K High School 3rd Grade Students The Female Family Department is truly judging for a student to truly judge the selective shutdown (game time selector), which is an obvious guardianship policy. She said she said, It’s full complete completion, which must be abolished until selective shutdown.

Choir Jun Ho representative is the selective shutdown system eventually indicates how much regulation is necessary, said Choir Jun Ho’s representative. I thought it was a period of conversion.

Citizens ‘Citizens’ seniors have proceeded ‘shutdown cutting’ in the last order of the press conference. The organizer explained that the forced shutdown was a performance to commemorate the abolition of the abolished.

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