New MMORPG makes you the pirate in the 18th century – comes with 156 fractions and 760 cities

The new MMORPG Ruler’s of the Sea promises a lot on the paper. The historical MMO wants to take you with you in the year 1750 and let you like everything there. We believe of Mango together.

What is Rulers of the Sea? The MMORPG takes nothing less than motivation than to give you the whole world to the playground. Located in 1750, the historic MMO does not just want to convey fun, but also knowledge, which then needs her again to influence the game world.

So that works, you do not just liberate in Rulers of the Sea. It’s how much in the game, much more complicated. You do not just play a character, but a whole family. Each member of your family can take other jobs / careers, which are approximately the classes of MMORPG.

From these jobs, there are 40 pieces so far, and they rang from nasty pirate across the cracked spy to the lawyer who may then defend the pirates in court. But to become a lawyer, the game will send you to school first.

If you have a level up, you will disconnect a new course at the university, so to speak. You must actually visit this and finish a test to help. These courses should give you actual knowledge about the world of the 18th century.

Which features stuck in it? Rulers of the Sea has a wide range of ideas that should focus mainly on hardcore players:

The whole world as an open game world
Over 40 jobs from the ship build to the lawyer
156 different factions and over 760 cities
Realistic Day Night Cycle
Historical setting, which also wants to convey knowledge
A legal system where you can even land in prison
Water and rural battles about areas that then belong to players
The possibility to play several characters within a family
Commander about his own crew, which you can even sell

Here you can see the first trailer:

The world of the 18th century as Open World Sandbox

How does the game world work? A highlight of Rulers of the Sea is the game world that includes all the earth and even counting time zones. The day and night cycle in the game adapts to the real world.

So it’s dark with us in Germany, it is also dark in In-Game Germany, but not in in-game America. This should bring players to join in the game of a nation that is close to their own. Thus, the developers want to map the different cultures of the world in the game.

So that works properly, you can decide in Rulers of the Sea for one of 156 fractions, which divide the 760 cities with each other. With a little luck you may even start in your hometown in 1750.

Why is that important? The own factions and cultures not only play a role thanks to the different daytime, but also because there is no global economy in Rulers of the Sea. Similar to the beginning of MMORPG New World, every city has its own economic system.

Since the cities partially apart several hours of shipping, it is essential that the players take care of keeping their own economy. Or also to sabotage specifically if you want to earn your money as a dealer in other regions.

Rulers of the Sea wants to give you the opportunity to play, whatever you want to play.

The community is done, but there is a hook

What the fans say? Rulers of the Sea promises extremely much, but may not show much of this. The game is currently still in a very early stage of development, which makes the approach of the team but no less impressive.

The User Khorana writes (via YouTube): That’s something I’ve always dreamed of gaming. That sounds like a huge project. I would really like to see actual gameplay before I give financial support.

Pirates of the Burning Sea - эта ММОРПГ могла быть хитом
Also Mrsparkle001 is done, but skeptical: That looks incredibly good. I hope that it can reach its demands. There were many games with great goals that they could never achieve.
Similarly, Better sees: What an extremely ingenious concept. I’m really looking forward to seeing where it will lead to the end.

When is the game? This is currently hard to say. In their roadmap, the developers have given the release for the fourth quarter 2023, but so far this is still in the stars.

The game began in 2016 as a man project and did not stop ride in 2019. So far, however, the game could not win a larger sponsor, which it is difficult to implement the great goals of Rulers of the Sea. We stay curious and keep up to date. What do you think about Rulers of the Sea? Do you think that developers have raised their goals or do you think the project for realistic? Would you like to play such a historical MMORPG or irritate it rather not to have to go back to school for a level-up? Write us in the comments here at Mango. Also, a bit of different approach pursues the Game Tram online, which started with over 500 billion character combinations.

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