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LOST ARK is an MMORPG video game developed by Tripod Workshop and published by Smile gate RPG, released November 7, 2018, on Windows in Korea after 3 closed beta. The video game is currently open up to Russia, the certificate having actually been approved to the Russian Mail.Ru author. Posted by Gaming Studios, the game is additionally prepared for 2022 in Europe, North America, Estonia and also Oceania, the very first shut beta of these regions that occurred from 4 to 11 November 2022. The game won six rewards in numerous classifications during the Korea Game Honors 2019.

The MMORPGs Ark is now published in several regions and receives continuous content updates. The game now has 21 different classes, each with their gameplay specifics have.

The state of Lost Ark: On the Summer Games Festival in 2021 it was announced that Lost Ark finally arrive in autumn 2021 to Europe. After a shift, the game will be released on February 11 with us. In July, the first closed beta test began, were able to register players for the. Was the target of it to test the server infrastructure and provide an insight into the EU version the players.

Update 05th January 2022: The article has been placed on the EU stand. The new names of the classes have been added, as well as their availability for the launch of the European version. The article now also includes a quick overview of all classes in video format.

In the following video you can watch all the classes available in Europe in the quick reference. Below the video you’ll find every single class, a recess with detailed descriptions and individual videos.

5 base-classes with different specializations

How does the class system of Lost Ark? Basically, players have to start to choose between 5 different base classes that are gender locked.

From level 10 and after playing through a start-Quest series is then given the opportunity to specialize in an advanced class. As an example: Bard, Summoner and Arcane develop from the Mage.

Each of the base classes has its own starter Area with its own story.

It is a lengthy tutorial that will bring home to players the basic controls and dealing with the class. Once you’re done, you the skills will have access to a training arena in which we all specializations of its selected base class extensively test can.

Are there recurring role distributions? Unlike many classic MMORPG Lost Ark is not the Holy Trinity system makes use of tanks, healers and DD’s.

Instead, have almost all classes on support and CC skills they are better suited for specific roles in combat. As a warlord for example, can take more than a bard, but it can heal thanks to its high defense.

A strict division of roles does not exist, however.

base class: Martial artist


Weapon: Heavy Gauntlet
Range: Nah
Playable in the EU version? Yes

How does the Scrapper? Scrapper is a fast monk-like class that specializes in close combat.

The active abilities of Scrappers are divided into two major groups, each of which require their own resource for use: I (yellow) and Shock (green).

The resource I invites slowly in the fight of its own accord. Shock must be charged by using I capabilities. However, the use of green Shock-Skills also I resource regenerated, so that an interaction occurs.

Many of their skills receive strong over the passive skills Crowd Control effects to keep the opponents stunned in the first place.

The Scrapper is also be a highly mobile class with multiple alternate abilities and Gap Closer that Sprint’s character quickly to the next opponent.

With their special ability Peerless Dragon King Infighter conjures two dragons with which they perform an extremely strong attack.

soul Faust

Weapon: Ductile Gauntlet
Range: Close to Long
Playable in the EU version? Yes

How does the soul own? If you ever wanted to throw Energy Shot in the style of Dragon Ball around, is the right place for the soul own. Besides the normal physical attacks in close combat it can to deal with his opponent in long distance with fireballs and lasers. It is a hybrid class for melee and ranged combat.

Some of their skills will also receive a boost when they meet opponents from behind.

The special skill of the soul of thumb is Concentration. If you used this ability, it regenerates your resource Kit hat you need for the use of skills, reinforces your attacks, increasing attack speed and CRT chance.

It has three levels that are activated by repeated keystrokes. The higher the level the higher the activated Buff as is obtained by concentration. However, while the duration of the buff is reduced.

When all three stages were consumed, the character changes in the Meditation status, Concentration during which recharges itself.

Lance Master

Weapon: Speer
Range: Close to mid
Playable in the EU version? No

How does the Lance Master? The class is the latest access that the Fighter archetype has received. In the fight, Lance Master changes between two different weapons: the spear and the light guards, giving access to different sets of skills.

The change happens by changing his attitude to the Lance Master:

Ambush — attitude is more suitable for large opponents and AOE attacks
Intensive, however, specializes in individual opponents and shares high damage to them

The Lance Master is not quite as vulnerable as some of his fighter colleagues, as he can use a shield on themselves. This can be life-saving in some situations.

It is a relatively simple class that has no special mechanics that you would make complicated. You play here a DPS and your job is to disassemble the opponents professionally.

Lost Ark Gameplay All Classes - Chaos Dungeons | 21 Classes


Weapon: Light Gauntlet
Reach: close to Mid
Playable in the EU version? Yes

How does the war dancer? In contrast to the scrapper, the moves of the war dancer are faster and acrobatic, which makes the class quickly in the game. It also has air combos, elementary skills and fast evasive maneuvers.

Your special resource is based on three elemental balls that recharge in the fight through the use of normal skills.

Once the first ball was charged, the war dancer can use her to carry out a strong finisher.

The player can choose whether he uses one, two or all three balls at the same time. Depending on the quantity, the ability to use the war award. The balls quickly invite themselves in the fight, so you can often use the skills.

The war dancer requires good reflexes, as it has a small defense similar to Arcane, but always close to the opponents.


Weapon: Elemental Gauntlet
Reach: close
Playable in the EU version? Yes

How does the Striker play? The Striker is basically a male version of the War dancer. Instead of picking up the gender lock completely, the developers have brought a new purely male monk class into play.

Striker is very similar to the War dancer from Gameplay. For example, the two classes share the same resource with three elemental bullets and many of the skills are very similar if not completely equal.

The class has its own small peculiarities, such as animations or CC effects that lift the strikes from the War dancer. Individual skills are also completely different.

On the next page we continue with the basic classes Warrior and Mage

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