Higher fantasy RPG Valkyrie Connect holds Evangelion collaboration at the same time! New collaboration character Blue Sho Reliefer: Shinji in event reward!

A group company of Chimu Co., Ltd. Pinnacle group Home entertainment (Head office: Nagoya, Rich Prefecture, President: Karachi Koreoyake) is a high fantasy RPG Valkyrie Connect in the delivered to the mobile phone/ PC to (Baritone) Te, (except the ※ some areas) the world collaboration event of the Evangelist from January 10, 2022 (Monday) was informed that you held at the very same time.

A group business of Chimu Co., Ltd. Apex team Enjoyment (Head office: Nagoya, Rich Prefecture, Head Of State: Karachi Koreoyake) is a high dream RPG Valkyrie Connect in the provided to the smartphone/ computer to (Baritone) Te, (except for the ※ some locations) globe a collaboration occasion of the Evangelist from January 10, 2022 (Monday) and held at the exact same time.

completion of the world, and also relief — Evangelist collaboration Review

Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/Vconnect jp authorities site: https:// app.ATM. co.jp/ valkyrie-connect/ collaboration PV: https://youtu.be/Ua74468my0A.

Shinji us the most recent collection of Baritone, pardoned a pressure from the Slavery character, showed up in collaboration original outfits come to be the best of the rescuer.

On top of that, minimal tools from Shin Evangelist theater version showed up. You can make in such occasion capture.

Shinji showed up, Asoka, REI, Mali, as a new collaboration personality is Karl! This collaboration is, Shinji who has actually come to be the initial tale to save the will be deemed to be replaced parent-child in a different world.

Even more info will be introduced in Baritone official Twitter · authorities site.

new appearance of collaboration character (excerpt).

Collaboration held duration
2022 January 10 (Monday) 15:00 – 2022, February 1 (Tuesday) 00:00.

rescuer of Also: Shinji in case benefit showed up!

Held Shinji, Asoka, REI, Mali, the event competition Row circle ring obstacle to attach fight with Keyword. Advancement the battle with the new collaboration personality Also hero: Shinji can be obtained free of charge.

Remuneration to a brand-new layer of arms is the development of collaboration limited. Coat of arms powerful ending up relocation and be outfitted with collaboration restricted you can activate the ex lover action skills.

circumstance mission held! Collaboration initial tale can take pleasure in!


Crisis of ends visit to the globe of Baritone. For gods to conquer this dilemma, drawing the young boys and ladies of the past numerous times conserved the world.

devices appeared thin Evangelist theater version is obtained!

It held an ISA Del festival of collaboration limited. In enhancement to brand-new collaboration characters appears, all the characters look of ISA Del collection. Possibility to win the strongest series personalities!

When you record the situation quest, restricted devices that showed up in Shin Evangelist theater version Asoka Parker can be won.

Evangelist series, starting from the broadcast of TV computer animation in 1995, Evangelist, expand to a selection of media such as comics, motion pictures, games, computer animation work that caused a social sensation.

Valkyrie Connect is the supreme of high fantasy RPG that appeared the Download and install World total 23 million. Norse mythology a full-blown circumstance by Yoda Sou, that in the base, fantastic sound by Mr. Mitsuki Sakura, a captivating personality by Mr. Hook Masai, has created a globe of brand-new Nordic mythology.

Evangelist series job Overview.

Crisis of ends see to the globe of Baritone. For gods to overcome this crisis, tempting the children and also women of the previous several times saved the globe. It held an ISA Del celebration of collaboration limited. In addition to new collaboration personalities shows up, all the characters look of ISA Del collection. Possibility to win the strongest collection characters!

In 2007, we started computer animation Evangelist collection for the cinema, it is sustained by a vast array old teams in the center of the youngsters. : Intro, : 2.0 : Complying with the Q, in 2021 released the current Thin Evangelist theater version, ended up being covered box office profits 10 billion yen the biggest series of hits.

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showed up in the high-end lineup! Collaboration limited Geisha ISA Del event held.

and Valkyrie Connect is.

Prices: Basic totally free (some paid) App Shop: https://apps.apple.com/jp/app/vu-arukirikonekuto/id1078813020 Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/ apps/details? Id= JP.co.ATM.icon.JP Amazon Android app shop: https://www.amazon.co.jp/gp/product/B075SDRBTN Heavy steam: https:// store. steampowered.com/app/1261240.

Official site: https:// www.evangelion.co.jp/.
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