AGDQ 2022 beats collection records and leaves us some of the most surprising Speedruns

This last week has been celebrated a new Awesome Games Done Quick Y, has broken all records! From January 10 to 16, the participating streamers challenged themselves to gather as many agents as possible for a good cause and beat their speed runs in several games. Made each year for 10 years, the event has raised more than 37 million dollars for numerous associations such as the Foundation for the Prevention of Cancer or Doctors Without Borders.

The ADQ 2022 was again carried out online, but that has not prevented the participants from exploiting the number of donations. In fact, the event raised 3.416.729 million dollars. An astronomical sum that exceeds the previous record of ADQ 2020 of 3 million . Donors have been very generous since the average donation was 69 dollars and the largest of 236,656 .

With respect to marathons, there were many games in the program: Dead Rising, Portal 2 , Fallout: New Vegas, Subnautica, Oatmeal , Super Mario 3D World and many more.

They have had a presence more than 140 games of all genres. Perhaps the most outstanding record of this marathon remains that of Streamer Mitchell, who ended Senior in just two hours blindfolded. Another Speed run to remember is that of the Sonic 4: Episode II game, made by Brick and Ambercyprian in 43 minutes.

While the game time is impressive, it is not what has laughed the community. Since Brick has done him while he was disguised as Sonic. The disguise, very stunning, gives even more merit to the streamer because the fact that he has managed to finish his Speed run unfinished suffocated is a miracle.

These are some of the most important milestones that have been achieved during ADQ 2022 .

  • Resident Evil Village in less than two hours and no damage by 7Rayd.
    IT Takes TWO finished in 1h45 by itzbytez and whisper, two streamers in perfect coordination.
  • The tumultuous career of Chiefs of Dark Souls from Dan flesh and Redolence.
  • The battle between Kazan, 360Chrism and Shenanigans to end crystal Pok√©mon as quickly as possible.
  • Flonase’s explosive Speed run at Star dew Valley, in just 17 minutes.

Waiting for the next ADQ (perhaps face-to-face), on the YouTube channel of Games Done Quick, all the Speedups of this year have been published.

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