Banjo-Kazooie details landing date on Nintendo Switch online, and is sooner than you think

Those who enjoyed the time of Nintendo 64 will certainly remember the duo of Banjo-Kazooie, an adventure of platforms that left footprint among the console players. After knowing the existence of a new subscription in Nintendo Switch Online that welcomed, not without some controversy, to the titles of n64 and mega drive , the community has been waiting for the arrival Of both characters.

Banjo-Kazooie arrives at Nintendo Switch Online next January 21 And it seems that this platforms between puzzle pieces is almost here, because Nintendo has confirmed its landing for the next January 21 . In this way, in a couple of days the users subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack can (re) discover one of the most iconic deliveries of the time, which in turn has inspired the creation of others Titles.

After all, the colorful design of Banjo-Kazooie, his particular soundtrack and the peculiarity of his characters have marked a good part of the players of N64, something that is added a very typical gameplay of the time that does not It stopped being funny . Now, this adventure will revive the sensations of yesteryear through the proposal of Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo has not given more clues about what the next games of N64 and Mega Drive will be expanded by the catalog, although they do not lack requests and suggestions from their community. Following this line, we have not stayed out of this wave either and have prepared a list of 15 Nintendo titles that we would like to see in Nintendo Switch online. Because, although we do not believe that great N takes into consideration our proposals, at least we have the opportunity to dream .

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