LOL: Bjergsen will have to play with the Team Liquid Academy because of the coronavirus

Bergen is a viva legend and with innumerable titles of LCS championships, in addition to making appearance in the all stars or being the MVP of the season. After a year sabbatical in which he was working hard as a coach, he is back in 2022 with Team Liquid. While everything is going well in the best of the possible worlds for the Danish, ranked for Lock-In playoffs, he had to go without prior notice to the League of the Academies.

The story is amazing, but it is not a sanction. Bergen will have to give himself twice playing temporarily for the first team and that of the Team Liquid Academy. The reason? Harry Her King, the usual TL Academy holder is trapped at home due to the coronavirus.

The great problem of Team Liquid in 2022

Her is Australian and due to world pandemic and restrictions he will not be able to reach Los Angeles on time for the start of the season. Therefore, we will have the opportunity to see Bergen at the LCS Academy, playing against players such as Jimin, Copy or Spiral… we wish you a lot of luck, although we imagine that they will be very happy to face this venerable Midland. Playing against the strongest allows you to learn and, in case of feat, novices will be able to train until the end of your career.

The situation may seem absurd, but we still do not understand how this can come to this… The pandemic did not emerge from nothing, and we can legitimately think that more precautions should have been taken. Especially at administrative level, Team Liquid is far from impeccable this year. As a reminder, League of Legends team still can not play with core and Hans samey at the same time because Korean has not yet obtained the green card from him. Therefore, between the two teams are juggling to play, something that does not seem very professional.

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