Warframe Revised Update Update Notes 27.2.0

Warframe The revised version is finally at our doors, providing substantial changes in dozens of fields of the game. Many things change and the update notes you find below seem to last forever.

Large changes have arrived for the process of building your rail jack, making it much easier for new players. People who have already built their rail jacks will receive a refund of all the excess materials and credits they have injected into their battleship.

Changes are also upcoming for Arcades, so be sure to read this section of the update notes carefully, especially if you are a veteran player, because the Arcades are more relevant for people with a lot of time in the game. All War frames increase their armor values, the status effects change, the operation of your shields changes and the list is growing again and again.

The best way to discover all this is to jump in the game, but you can read the update notes below while you download the update.

Warframe revised: Update 27.2.0

Warframe may seem a little different from this update. Depending on where you are in your Warframe course, you may notice big or small changes.

A player who has not finished rising tide will find the construction of his rail jack much easier. A player with a large collection of Arcades will see that most arcane scan now reach 5 ranks, and duplicates can no longer be equipped together. A player using Suva Brahma will notice that personal damage has disappeared. A player equipped with Multiset mods should see some changes in his upgrade menus with the addition of a new multiset statistic.

All players will notice that Shield Gain has been added to the game, and all enemies have seen their health, their armor and their rebalanced shields. It’s just scratching the surface.

Whatever the way you play Warframe, it is likely that the Revised Warframe update has touched part of the game for you. Please take the time to consult our update notes to familiarize yourself with changes – big and small.

Warframe is always aimed at becoming a better version of itself. Warframe is always a question of power, and you are a destructive force in the original system with hundreds of tools at your disposal – Go ahead, Tenn!

We open more than 15 specific commentate threads, as well as a more format-oriented bug report thread to help correct quality patches for this main line. Please use your powerful comments responsibly – we all get up together.

Meathead Revised Warframe Bug Report:

The Warframe revised update has many points, so here is an updated guide on how to submit a bug. Please note that this thread should only be used in case of issues related to the recent update and the revised systems in: HTTPS: //forums.warframe.com/topic/1171888-warframe-revised-bug- Report-megathread-read-the-first-post /

The new chapters of the war:
An entrance chapter Codex Quest for The New War has been added for those who have finished the quest for the sacrifice! As you may know, The New War started, and with Scarlet Spear soon, we want that Players are properly informed as the New War development. If you have not completed the chimera prologue or the ERA quest, head to the entrance of the new Codex Quest war to access a shortcut to these quests.

Changes in Rail jack integration:
Rising Tide Quest gives you your own rail jack, but the barrier at the entrance is – conclusively with months of statistics – too high. We publish a revised series of Blueprints (BP) in the quest that sees the costs reduced between 66% and 75% for Rail jack parts, and the construction time reduced to 6 hours each.

Players can end up in 3 situations:

  1. I did not start rising tide. Anyone who has just started will have newly reduced new BP costs.
  2. Started rising tide. Anyone with any progress gets 1x emergency repair drone, and will move to new costs to the next step. All old costs will be refunded.
  3. Rising tide completed. Anyone with a complete quest gets 2x emergency repair dr1. All cost differences will be refunded.

WHY: After examination , the statistics really show that the only people who saw rising tide ending were our veterans, which was originally our intention to design content for veteran players. However, to support the cost of future development and events like Scarlet Spear, accessibility is essential, and we need to adjust the barriers to the entrance for Rail jack. For those who were the first to adopt, 2x emergency repair drones will be distributed. Anyone with the active Tide Rising quest will receive 1x emergency repair dr1. For those who are not familiar with the urgent repair drones: these objects can only be acquired via a rare drop in the proximal veil, because they allow you to instantly complete an armament or a given component. Rail jack Onboarding Changes Feedback Mega thread: Changes and corrections of Rail jack:

Warning: Can only detect less than 5000 characters

Changes and corrections of the Rail jack controller:

  • Added two new Rail jack driver control options that, when defined, the look entry will only turn the rail jack and will not affect your reticle. To enable / deactivate, go to Options> Controls> Scroll to Rail jack :
    • Retire centered on the pilot (mouse)

Retire centered on the driver (controller)
Do you already know the enabled state of this option because it was the previous default option and only retails when using a controller. Now, when you disable this option when you use a controller, the left joystick will move your rail jack (front / back / on one side to the other), and the right joystick will now allow you to freely move the reticle on the screen.
Increased smooth time for non-centered articulating when driving / using turrets in rail jack with a controller.
Fix the missing bumper functionality when reviewing the component and arms categories in the Configure Rail jack panel when using a controller.
Correcting the On and Disabled status of the Rail jack Capacity menu does not bind to the keyboard shortcut of the custom capacity menu when using a controller. As mentioned here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1167262-railjack-keybind-missing/
Fixed a problem where to connect the Capacity menu in the controller options on the Rail jack tab allowed you to open it with the new link, but forced you to use the default link to close it. The binding of the capabilities’ menu now uses the new link to open it and close it.
Correcting the customization of the commands of your Rail jack controller by always showing them as their button by default regardless of the changes.
Correction of Vector Maneuver and Drift Maneuver does not operate as expected (Boost only) when using a controller.
Fixed a issue where the execution of a dodge during the rail jack control with a controller was only split down.
Correction of the view When driving the rail jack after selecting the controller icon set as automatic detection with a PlayStation controller.
Blink correction does not operate with controllers users who have never customized their controls (that is, using the default values).
Correction of custom fasteners of the Rail jack controller does not apply to diverted turrets of the crew ship.
Correction of the possibility of clearing the rail jack endlessly by maintaining the bumpers of the controller depressed during control.
Correction of Search and Show Class linked to the same button when using a controller, resulting in priority issues when selecting on the Avionic screen.
Fixed a issue where moving up / down could not be rebounded in the Rail jack controller options.
Fixed excessive triggering of the mounted / descent sound when driving rail jack with a controller.
Fixed a scripting error during arms equipment on your rail jack when using a controller.

Changes and corrections of Suva Rich:

  • Requiem murmurs to have failed a knife shot of Suva Rich Paragon will be shared again with the whole team!
  • If We take a trip to the past, we will arrive at The Old Blood: Hotfix 26.0.5, where we corrected all players receiving Suva Rich Requiem Murmur Progress every time someone in the team did not succeed in killing Their Suva Rich. Our intentions to have the Suva Rich linked exclusively to the respective player were authentic, but the comments have highlighted what is an interesting feature for the Suva Rich system considering its rhythm of success. We have bigger plans for niches to connect to other systems, but this change is the only loan for Mainline!
  • Adding new fancy effects when Valencia Fusion has been completed successfully!
  • The Suva Rich section of the Codex now has tabs for active, vanquished, converted and exchanged fits!
  • Reducing chances that Suva Rich’s sectors force an exterminated situation to allow more changes of game mode.
  • Correction of customers who could not use the ESC pause menu after Paragon stabbed a Suva Rich.
  • Correction of Suva Zukor Weapons Progression, Suva Hind and Suva Brahma that appears to be completed in the Codex at the rank 30 instead of the real full rank of 40.
  • Correction of a single SUVA weapon retaining its innate bonus damage attribute and the respective Suva Rich name when the Suva weapons claim using the Claim All button in the foundry.
  • This retroactively corrects Suva weapons who have lost their innate bonus damage by giving them back their random buff. Unfortunately, the name Suva Rich can not be easily associated with the Suva weapon, so these fixed weapons will have the default Suva weapon name (Suva Honor, Suva Brahma, etc.).
  • Suva carving correction does not reproduce Suva Rich if slaughtered before the host migration and captured after the host migration.
  • Correction to stay stuck on a rampart after Paragon stabbed your Suva Rich on it. As shown here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1156040-stuck-in-rampart-afer-using-the-parazon-on-nearby-nemy-investigating/
  • Potential correction for Suva Rich Vanquish / Convert options still displaying A / D even if your left / right is linked to different keys.
  • Correction of several cases where the finished Parsons applied the attack speed of your melee weapon with melee mods equipped in the missions controlled by Suva Rich.
  • Correction of the existing Suva weapon name that did not appear when you were trying to rename the weapon.
  • Correction of a problem that slid the Suva Rich when it was slaughtered during a dodge.
  • Correction of the fall of Suva Rich who continued to break the backs (which was removed in 27.1.0) in an invisible state.
  • More corrections to Suva Liquids with the cunning capability that does not have the same Warframe headset on clones if another headset is equipped when creating Rich.
  • Correction of the Suva Rich button does not appear in the user interface in the rare cases where a Night Wave season is not active.
  • Correction of small FX offset issues with Suva Brahma when reloading.
  • Correction of the ability to bypass the recharge time between the shots with the Suva Quarter and Quartz framing and removing the scope between the blows.
  • Fixed a issue where the requiem mods always appeared in their version of FILM when visualizing in the Codex.
  • Correction of the squad of a player who was selecting the fate of their Suva Rich being unable to unlock the lockers.

Suva Rich Murmur Change and Fixed Feedback Mega thread:

Changes of armor and damage (enemy):
This section will review before and after scenarios with our enemy armor, health and shield changes. Reading this section should give you a conceptual understanding and paper of what we change and why, but practical experiences will tell the whole story here. You may need to update some aspects of your versions to really optimize your power against your enemies.

Before: armor, shields and health on an exponential curve
After: Shields of armor and health on a curve in s

Changes in damage:
The exit of enemy damage should always be close to what is currently on the live version of the game, but we have brought some changes that will affect the way players take on play.

Changes to the type of damage:

  • The slash status no longer bypasses the shields and rather inflicts damage over time at the shields. Slash Status always bypasses Armor.
  • Toxin damage applied to armor with a bonus of 25%. Now it’s neutral. For the role distinction, the toxin circumvents the shields (but not the armor) while the Slash status bypass the armor but not the shields.

Player Changes:

Shields, the health and armor of the players were previously shared with all the IA, so they had all the weaknesses and resistances of their counterparts IA.

Now, players have their own type of shield, health and single armor classified as Tenn! These have all their weaknesses and neutralized resistors (for the moment). Player shields now reduce 25% of incoming damage. The players’ shields are now recharging with a custom logic for players. The shield’s charging times are based on exhausted or partially exhausted shields. Partially exhausted shields (any amount) are a recharge time of 1 second. Full depletion is a recharge time of 4 seconds.

These changes made to players’ shields are added to the future changes of Shield Gating, which you can read in our Shield Gating section!

Why: Scaling the armor and the reduction of enemy damage was the core of this change. For years, Tenn had the tools to deal with these things, but the tools were uniform: use corrosive projection, or other. Although it is a simplification, it removed the feeling of choice. With these changes, we hope that players feel a sense of variety and choices when they face enemies. By changing the ladder for Armor, we could always change the scale for all!

Feedback from Armor, Health and MEATHEAD Shields:

Infested damage:
We did not want to neglect infested in our criticism. Infested are nearby enemies who call most attacks – and now, if one of these attacks strikes you, it simply makes more damage. Stay Agile, move and mission is as good as earned!

Why: having infested simply inflicts more damage encourages you to use mobility in a way that is not the norm for their remote counterparts. Reward mobility is a key element of Warframe.

Feedback from Mega thread infested damage:

Aim pots

So far in Warframe, the higher the enemy level, the better their accuracy. High level enemies would be pinned with the best precision they are capable – not quite 100%, but being close enough! Things like your movement and your mods would reduce the precision, but the potential of bad moments Aim bot was too high. We have now distributed this progression on a larger range of IA. We coupons the accuracy of the enemy of the level to reduce the global Aim bot behaviors to which you are facing higher levels.

Why: This change allows us to balance enemies more precisely at higher levels. It alone, this change would be noticed simply by being less affected, but in conjunction with the many other changes we bring to enemies, it is part of a holistic update of the underlying mechanisms behind the enemies of Warframe..


GATING shield: friend and enemy

A friend : Let’s start by answering What is the shield trigger? When it applies to you as a player. In this implementation, Shield Gating is the mechanism for the prevention of an instance of fatal damage ( 1 shot ) if you have active shields. In simple terms, the goal is to reduce the number of 1 photos that you take when your shields are raised, especially for the images based on the shield. When shields are active, an incoming shot that exhausts your last piece of shields will not continue in your health reserve, and also triggers a brief moment when your health is protected. Once this period is complete, you can undergo health damage normally. In addition, you will not undergo more Slash status effect damage on your health as long as the shields are in place.

Enemy: Enemy – Corpus in particular – have also received some Gating Shield, but with clever gameplay, you can overcome this. All headshots or shots to weaknesses completely bypass triggering the enemy of the body shield. In addition, 5% of damage by knocking the door of the shield will target the health of the enemy – this allows you to bring your weapons supplied by Form to low-level enemies and hit them hard instead of hitting the door shield. The goal here is to make a mechanic Shields against which you want to play with mods (Auras, Elemental) or bypass competently (Headshots). The effects of status slash now inflict damage to shields over time, the toxin damage remain unchanged (bypass shields to directly affect the health of the enemy). The damage Warframe capacity will ignore the door of the enemy shield (for example, if an instance of a capacity for damage is greater than the value of the shield, it also will go to health).

Why: Give both a shield-bearer to a friend and an enemy has two objectives: we want to reward some more skills in all missions of the corpus, and give executives squishier a benefit little more viable and chance to really explore the buildings focused on the shield. The toxin damage and status effects are always your friend or against the Corpus Shielded enemies!


Changes Arcane
After years of Arcane as a system – with several additions to the offers and alternative locations, we do several things:

  • Increasing the maximum rank Warframe and operator arcane to 5 from 3. Arcane Revives is a bonus that starts at rank 3.
  • By adjusting the power of Arcane rank 5 to generally behave as if you had equipped 1.5, indicate the following:

Reveal hidden content

Changes arcane Reveal hidden content

  • Removed the possibility of equipping simultaneously two identical arcane.
  • Added ability to distil the arcane assembled in several unclassified.
  • The mysteries that can trigger again while the arcane is active are shown in the Arcane Manager screen with text The time may be updated.
  • The Arcane 21 Arcane will need to reach the new maximum rank of 5. Scarlet Spear offer a buying shop Arcane won the motto at the event. It will be launched in March shortly after the Mainline.

Why: The reasoning here is primarily to the ability to equip two of the same Arcane. This reasoning is a past inconsistency and intent to determine the time. There are many versions that specialize using two Arcanas, but we want to encourage a variety instead of duplication. The mysteries are the only upgrade game system that can equip two same upgrades – and we would prefer that players have more variety than duplications. In the same way that you can not equip a serrated amalgam and regular serration, you can not equip many Rivers weapon or duplication of mods at all, Arcane follow. But we make major changes in the ranking (3 to 5 with power changes). Instead of having 2 of the arcane with a double effect, you can now choose between 2 different mysteries that behave (usually) with an efficiency 1.5 times higher EU’auparavant.

Arcane EXCHANGE FEEDBACK Mega thread

Changes in personal injury:
We get rid of Self Damage and replace it with something else: instead of Self Damage is now Stagger. This change completely eliminates the chances to kill you, and now creates scenarios where you will interrupt – or échelonnerez – to varying degrees if you’re not careful.

The degrees of self-interruption begin with a little stumbling to a complete reversal in terms of proximity to the center of explosion. All Mods referring to Auto Damage will be converted to recognize Stagger.

With this self-interrupt system, we added dozens of new recovery activities that exploit a ninja type of recovery experience. By pressing Skip at the right time, you can run a recovery reversal based ninja skills for ALL reversals in. This ninja recovery window is indicated by a light effect on your Warframe.

In addition to the suppressed self-harm, some of the most powerful AOE weapons without self-destruction will currently have the added stagger, but this should only be perceptible only in the event of extreme inaccuracy on the part of the player. Weapons include:

Suva chalkier

Opticor Vandal
Synod similar
Suva Seer
Tomb finger

In the original development workshop, we said:
As a result of this global systemic change, scaling weapons will receive about 20% damage bonus, all weapons with AOE receiving a 50% reduction in radial damage from the Central Impact.

This is no longer accurate after the continuation of the tests. What we do now is:

No damage buff was added, but all AOE weapons receive an increase of 20% of the radius. In addition, AOE weapons receive a 90% reduction in radial damage in the central impact. This means that on the outermost section of the explosion, the 10% radius of the damage will be inflicted. The tactic will be deadly – aim true, Tenn.

Why: Several players mentioned the story of the Honor, and we want to make sure that we ship this change in a conservative place at its starting point from the point of view of equilibrium. The complete suppression of self damage modifies the pace of destruction with some of the most powerful weapons of the game, so we want to make sure we can go up instead of freeing a mine of explosions without other choices.

With the removal of self damage, Major Shot Mod has been modified to be compatible with the rifle and reflect the new Stagger mechanic:

  • \ + 90% chance to reduce the Stagger effect of self-imposed radial attacks.

Automatic removal / Mega threaded offset feedback:

Changes to the Excavation Health Scale / Shield:
Excavation missions have the same property since their launch: all the excavators have 500 shields, 2500 points of life regardless of the level of the mission. From our next main PC update, health and shields will evolve according to the same formula as mobile defense terminals. The regeneration of shovel shields will be a percentage of health compared to the flat value to manage shields on a scale.

Why: This change will align excavation on existing mission types that have scaling properties after several years of flat values. Faithful to our initial goal of correcting inconsistencies, we evolve these mission objectives consistent with other mission objectives.

Mega thread feedback from the excavation scale:

Changes from Titania:

  • Fascinating : Hold the Titania spell to start status immunity on yourself. Previously, you had to throw it by looking at the floor to accomplish that!
  • Tribute : You can now select the tribute to launch, browsing the different buffs like the arrows of ISARA or the Vauban mine layer.
  • Lantern : Lanterns are now locked in place, allowing a CC easier to control.
  • Razor wing has a new FX upgrade!
  • Razor wing The flight model has been more aligned with skewing commands.

Large change of Warframe armor – not just Vauban!
To provide a minor bump in the survival capacity if your CC or your strategies fail, a handle of Squishy War frames / Premiums have received basic armor increases!

Ash: 65 to 100
Ash Prime: 150 to 175
Banshees: 15 to 100
Banshee Primes: 65 to 125
Bark: 150 to 175
Braise: 100 to 125
Ember Primes: 125 to 150
Equinoxes: 100 to 125
Equinox Primes: 120 to 150
GARY: 125 to 150
Gauss: 150 to 175
Here: 150 to 175
Hydroid: 200 to 225
Hydroid Primes: 250 to 275
Intros: 200 to 225
ISARA: 65 to 100
ISARA Prime: 65 to 125
Limbo: 65 to 100
Limbo Primes: 85 to 125
Loki: 65 to 100
Loki Prime: 65 to 125
Mag: 65 to 100
Mag Prime: 65 to 125
Mesas: 65 to 100
Mesa Primes: 85 to 125
Mirages: 65 to 100
Mirage Primes: 150 to 175
Negros: 65 to 100
Negros Prime: 65 to 125
Ezra: 175 to 190
Nova: 65 to 100
Nova Prime: 65 to 125
NYX: 15 to 100
NYX Prime: 50 to 125
Oberon: 150 to 175
Octavia: 125 to 150
Returning: 105 to 125
Rhinos: 190 to 225
Titania: 65 to 100
Trinity: 15 to 100
Trinity Prime: 15 to 125
Vauban: 50 to 150
Vauban Prime: 100 to 200
Volts: 15 to 100
Volt Primes: 100 to 125
Fillet fire: 150 to 175
Zephyr: 15 to 100
Zephyr Prime: 75 to 125

Why: The conversation surrounding Arcane Guardian led to a significant review of statistics on Warfare armor. Most War frames received an increase in armor stat to increase survivability. Gating With Shield and the many other changes covered, we expect a playground much fairer for all War frames..

Titania & EXCHANGE FEEDBACK Warframe ARMOR Mega thread

Cleaning awards: basic missions:
The basic missions get a little cleaning to the main line. For reference, all tables are currently available on www.warframe.com/droptables.

This change will be told from the perspective of a single node for purposes of example, but the logic applies throughout the game to the basic mission – that is to say the node on the stellar graphics (excluding special missions as the index, open worlds, Rather, murder). )

Take the Memphis node, Phobos.

The basic tasks like Memphis receive some fat reduction in terms of the lowest available rewards. For example, Memphis to Phobos will see its 500, 1000 and 1500 eliminated credit caches, as well as 15 and 50 End. This will leave the cache 2000 credits and declining End 100 for each category, with lower chance of the sum of all previous denominations.

Why: it is more a revision and cleaning for some of the least rewarding aspects of missions. At present, the nodes of the basic solar map exist to progress from planet to planet, while providing general rewards (Mods Credits) or specific return rewards (ISARA, Sides, etc.). By getting rid of lower value items on general rewards people playing for the first time should meet a little bump in their resources and credits. We have other plans for it to be written at a time ulterior.


A summary of the user interface changes announced at a recent development workshop: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1166994-why-do-we-ui-like-we-ui-part-ii / comments

  • Labels articles is now set to On by default, but can still be disabled.
  • Avionics screen no longer uses Waiting to confirm. (As mentioned in RJ Changes)
  • The intrinsic screen no longer uses’ Keep confirming. (As mentioned in RJ Changes)
  • Razor wing has a new upgrade FX! (As mentioned in Titania Changes)
  • Keep confirming added to Revive to avoid accidental drop, especially on the controller during the arbitration missions.
  • Added a button Forge All on the Payload Dojo screen. (As mentioned in RJ Changes)
  • More statistics DPD (Dialogue Detailed shopping). This screen has been redesigned to be less dependent on the fly and provide statistical information at a glance:
    • If the Warframe / Weapon has been controlled. If it was not completely mastered, it will display the current status.
  • The number of Blueprints Owned (if applicable).
  • Buttons Buy, Blueprint and Gift have all moved to accommodate all the new information displays!
    • General improvements to the usability of the scroll bar with the controllers.

Why: As stated in the original development workshop, we try to correct some UI decisions based commentaries.


Change of profit taker:
Because of the frequency too high and frustrating the ability of Profit Taker, we have made a slight change in quality of life in the encounter with Profit Taker. The cooldown has been increased at a very specific attack, but noticeable: the attack by reversal of the projectile Blue Shield.

100x restoration plans (scaling costs):
We add a new set of research and restoration plans that provide 100 data restoration. Visit Clan Dojo to search and prepare Rail jack resources accordingly!

After some research, you can build x100 lots with wide cost Blueprints x10 !!

Why: The frequency with which players use in missions compared to waiting a minute time for the construction of 10x meant we could increase the lots here. The Rail jack resources are used for research to give another use of what you pick!


Sentinel module sharing: Authorized shared use:
Sentinel weapons and Warframe weapons can not share mods, that is, if you have 1 maximum mod of teeth, your sentinel weapon can not use it if you have a main weapon equipped. You can either change your sentinel weapon in a different class (shotgun, mixed), or acquire and max a dual mod.

We suppress this condition and now your mods can be equipped simultaneously.

Why: over time, the amount of systems in which to devote your time has increased. The call for grinding a Duplicate Mod for Sentinels is simply not a proposal to which we want players to face in the context of all that the game has to offer!

Sentinel Mod Sharing Feedback Mega thread:

Status above 100% with meaning:
Years ago, we have added numbers of orange and red critical damage when you pick up a review with more than 100%. For years, the status greater than 100% has done nothing, except the guarantee status – which is good, but not an additional incentive to exceed 100%. We modify this update.

When you reach a 100% higher status chance, only one damage instance will be able to create two status effects. This means that if you have a shot with 200% chance of status with both blast and toxin damage, this shot will result in the two status effects!

It should be noted that we correct an inconsistency of the user interface that is display only. At present, the arsenal shows the chance of Multiset’s affected status, which makes reading the new value> 100% confused. For example, the arsenal could say 120%, but the chance of status is really 80%. We have no multi-life effects on critical statistics (chance or multiplier), so we correct this display inconsistency. Multiset now has its own stat.

Hunting rifles have a unique role here based on a very patchwork story with the way they interact with Status Chance. A shotgun that pulls a 99% status chance would give you a status of 35% (approximate) by pellet. 100% status gives you 100% status by pellet. This huge performance leap occurs with only one gain of only 1% – why? Well, to answer that, we need to look at our choice to do what the user interface transmits a reality. It would feel broken to pull a flush rifle with a 100% status and not to see a perfect propagation of the effects. In reality, to make the status coherent, we need to treat hunting rifles as a special case.

Fighter rifles as a special case mean that we have improved the chance of status of all X3 fighter rifles or more. The user interface is now behaved to show the reality that you determine the chance of pellet status.

Stacking status effects:

But wait – there is more! In addition to being able to get two status effects at once with> 100% status, we also add a new meaning if you get a duplicate status effect on an enemy in general.

This section describes exactly what it means for each type of state, including information on the behavior of several state effects with stacking before this hotfix:

Players – Aka Tenn – Can Only Have A maximum of 1 Stack on them – You Cannot Receive Stacked Status Effects As a Player from Enemies, Fear Not!

Why: The Income of Enhanced Gold Different Stacking of Duplicate Status Effects Is One To Refresh The Appeal of Status.

In Addition, We’ve Removed 0.25x Multiplier for Elemental Status Effects, MEANING ALL ELEMENTAL STATUS EFFECTS ARE 4X MORE LIKELY.

WHY: Critical Has Long Been King – and While We Are Leaving Critical As Is, Our Goal Is To Bring Status Into The Arsenals in New Light for All Primary, Secondary, and Melee Weapons. Our Long-Term Goal With This Change is to Build Upon this Series of Changes to Eventually Allow Status to Impact Bigger Threats Like Niches and Eidolons.

Greater Than 100 Status Chance / Shotgun Changes Feedback Mega thread:

Faction Aura Changes

We are rebalancing The Faction Aras to Not Completely Bypass Our Rebalancing Effort. More Import Though, With the Complete Rescale These Auras (Mostly Corrosive Projection) Will Not Be As Necessary As They Were.

Corrosive Projection, Shield Disruption and Infested Impedance New Rank Values ​​ARE:

  • Unranked: -3%
  • Rank 1: -6%
  • Rank 2: -9%
  • Rank 3: -12%
  • Rank 4: -15%
  • Rank 5: -18%

Why: We think being consistent is key. Passively removing 100% of an enemy’s defenses is not an interesting choice, and we were completely inconsistent in this regard with Auras (i.e. the efficacy of 4x Corrosive Projections vs 4x Shield Disruptions).

Status Chance Mod Buffs:
The Status Chance Mods we released many years ago have not been considered worthwhile – there are simply better options within the Status Mod builds (Dual Stats) or Critical builds are more appealing. We are buffing all Standalone Status Chance Mods to increase the appeal of building for Status on your Weapons:

  • Rifle Aptitude increased from 15% Status Chance to 90% Status Chance
  • Melee Prowess increased from 15% Status Chance to 90% Status Chance
  • Sure Shot increased from 15% Status Chance to 90% Status Chance
  • Shotgun Savvy increased from 30% Status Chance to 90% Status Chance

Pourquoi? This is a long overdue change that will thrive when paired with the above change of giving >100% Status meaning. The goal is to give your Arsenals a shake up in terms of what Status may mean for some of your Collection! This is a power output increase across the board for Status. We will review the other Status Mods at a later date, but have no firm plans for them now.


Grenade Markers:
Sometimes the devious enemies of Warframe decide they’d rather stay safely behind cover and throw explosive surprises at the Tenn instead of rushing in. They do this when you are stationary for long periods of time. Some time ago we added an audio warning so that thrown grenades would chirp or tick, but experience has shown that they are still easy to miss during the chaos of fighting. A visible HUD marker and a warning glow have been added to grenades that are thrown at you to give you a better chance to react. PLUS, you can now shoot the grenade before it explodes, allowing for increased tactical revenge!

Why: More awareness on where Grenades are has been a longstanding community request to help the flow of battle. We are adding it to allow for more player tactical choice.

Fun extra fact: Saran’s Molt will shed an attached grenade!


HDR Preview:
Players with a Graphics Card and Monitor that supports High Dynamic Range will be able to preview our new technology!

Why: Warframe is a vibrant game – and including HDR support will allow those with the hardware to experience a new richness!


Deferred Rendering Preview:

For the past several months we’ve mentioned that our engine is getting graphical upgrades. The time has come in this Mainline update to give you the option to preview Deferred Rendering! This will make Warframe look the best it’s ever looked – with better shadows, reflections, lighting responsiveness, and more!

Why: Graphics Matter Too – we have team members who thrive on integrating the latest graphics improvements to our technology!


FOR Maximum Change
Fresh from the oven comes a hot bonus change: we’ve increased the max FOR value from 78 to 90!

Why: Out of the players that do change their FOR setting, ~84% change it to the max. You may be wondering “why not max it even further??”. It comes down to the potential of the diegetic UI, FX, etc. breaking when going plus ultra FOR. We hope you enjoy this bump for now!

Mag Magnetize Change:
You’ll notice a new Arsenal stat for Mag’s Magnetize ability called ‘Magnetic Pull’. This value now represents Mag’s force of gravity that pulls targets towards a central enemy.’ Magnetic Pull’ is scaled with Magnetize’s Rank and can be Modded with Ability Strength Mods.

‘Magnetic Pull’ stat has been added to address enemies that are only affected by the pull for brief moments or those that ignore it completely, as opposed to getting pulled towards the central target. As reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1131437-magnetize-not-pulling-in-all-enemies/

Gear Wheel Changes and Fixes:

  • Added “drag and drop” functionality to the Gear Wheel! Additionally, right-clicking in the Arsenal while modifying Gear Wheel will no longer swap to the Emote Wheel. Instead, right-clicking now empties the selected slot.
    • When right-clicking to remove from slot, the first 13 slots will not reposition due to the first 12 allowing Hotkey bindings. Anything above slot 13 will reposition if items are removed. For example, if you have something in slot 13 and 14 and remove the item in 13, the item will now be in slot 13.
      • Deactivating Gear items by clicking on the item in the Gear Menu a second time will now re-equip the weapon you previously had equipped, rather than always equipping your Primary.
  • Fixed mounting a K-Drive with a Scanner equipped not restoring it after dismounting.
  • Fixed any equitable Gear item not restoring properly after performing a Hack or Finisher on an enemy.


  • Heavily optimized Survival missions. Replaced the old script used in Survival missions with a new one that can perform up to 90% faster!
  • Optimized the projectiles of Carcinoma and APC Armaments to improve performance.
  • Made a micro-optimization to the Resource management system.
  • Optimized how custom shadow quality settings are applied.
  • Cleaned up generic explosions by replacing certain effects that were causing performance issues. Explosions should now be more optimal and consistent across the board.
  • Optimized the Suva Zukor’s FX.
  • Optimized lighting across many Dojo rooms.
  • Optimized enemy awareness code.
  • Optimized the way the Codex is stored to save nearly 3.5 MB of memory.
  • Optimized the way the Star Chart is stored to save nearly 2 MB of memory.
  • Optimized language cache report

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