Fortnite: Activate 2FA and protect account

No matter which platform your Fortnite plays: You should best protect your account with a two-factor authentication . You will learn in this guide:

  • What 2FA is
  • Why it makes sense to activate two-factor authentication
  • Which goodie is waiting for you if you turn on the 2FA

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Why do I need 2fare for Fortnite?

First and foremost, you should activate two-factor authentication in Fortnite to protect your account from unauthorized access . Because even if someone creates the password that you created for your Epic Games account, the intruder does not automatically access your data. Your account is thus twice backed.

But there are explicit for Fortnite even more reasons why you should activate the two-factor authentication. For example, you need to send gifts to friends within the Battle Royale Shooter. And you can only participate in competitions as the World Cup in Fortnite with the 2FA.

2FA Activate for Fortnite: That’s how it works

Directly in Fortnite itself you can not activate the two-factor authentication. You must first sign up on the website of Epic Games and you with your data there. Then click on your name at the top of the screen and select the item Account via the drop-down menu. In the next window that opens, you choose Password & Security .

Scrolls now to the bottom until you see the heading Two-Factor Authentication. You have three choices in which form your 2FA can activate in Fortnite:

  1. A third-party authentication app: You will be prompted to enter a numerical code that you receive via an authentication app like the Microsoft Authenticator (especially for PC and Xbox players) or Google Authenticator. The code is valid for a few seconds. Once the time has expired, a new one appears.
  2. SMS authentication: You deposited your mobile number, and you will be sent to the numerical code as SMS. Give it one, and you have access to your account.
  3. Authentication by mail: Or you will send you the access code by e-mail. He will be sent to that address, which you have deposited with EPIC Games.


By the way: If you want to disable again in Fortnite 2fa , goes again in your account settings for Privacy and click on the slider in the two-factor authentication that you have chosen.

Fortnite donates reward for 2FA activation

Once you have activated the two-factor authentication, log in from your Epic Games account and in Fortnite. Even before you get into the lobby, you get the notification that you have received a new emote . Epic Games Gives you as a thank you for making your account safer. The epic Boogie Down note can now be used at any time in a Fortnite game.

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