When is the new Need for Speed? This rumor could provide information

Actually, the new Need for Speed ​​ should have appeared in April of this year. But Criterion , the development studio of the new NFS part, had to assist in the development of Battlefield 2042, with more or less visible success.

When is Need for Speed ​​2022?

Now, however, there is a message from the journalist and industry insider Tom Henderson, according to which Need for Speed ​​is to be published in September / October 2022 .

The last Need for Speed ​​with the subtitle Heat was published in 2019 and developed by Ghost Games. After the Need-For-Speed ​​series has been ranking in recent years and evaluated both from the press and the clientele, it should now judge Criterion.

What can Criterion?

Criterion is known in Puerto racing games especially for the Burnout series, as well as for Need for Speed: Most Wanted from 2012. It remains to be seen whether the new Criterion racing game can build on the legacy of the former burnout games, or must set in the list of controversial NFS titles.

Also, questionable remains to what extent this allegedly intended release period is realistic. EA sometimes talked some time ago by a release date in the financial year 2023. One can only hope that not in favor of a firmly prescribed release date is an unfinished game to be thrown on the market. But when did that have happened before?

Most recently, Need for Speed ​​had been talking about how the digital sale of multiple games was finished. If you want to play an Open World Arcade Racer now, you can try Fora Horizon 5, which has received the highest classification of us in the test.

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