Craftone, Battle Ground Smash Cup Season 6

Creighton (representative Kim Chang) is the first published in 2022: Battleground (Battle Ground) The Battle Grounds Cup (Battlegrounds Smash Cup, BSC), It will be held online for both days.

BSC Season 6 is a tournament that examines the power of the domestic athlete before the distance permits, and the 12 professional teams of Korea and last year ‘UP Showdown PUBG (LSP): Season3 PUBG UP Showdown (PLS): 16 teams include two open slot teams to be selected through Season 1 ‘. The total prize money is 30 million won, and the championship team, the East Asia Regional Integrated iPhone Competition, the East Asia Regional Establishment ISPS Competition ‘Pub Weekly Series (PUBG Weekly Series: East Asia, PCs), adds a weekly weak final direct ticket.

The BSC, which provided interesting competitions with a new attempt every season, introduces the new point regulations this time. BSC Season 6, which is two-day, yields the ranking point of all matches and kill points to calculate the total points in real time. Since the team obtained a chicken with a team obtained a chicken after the Total Point 60 points, the game is immediately terminated, and the team at which chicken is eaten becomes the champion of BSC Season 6. On the first day, five matches are held, and the second day will play until the champion is determined. It is expected that you want to eat chicken and to show the fierce work of those who want to stop and score more scores.

The competition is broadcast on 12th and 13th at 7 pm Battle Ground Spot official YouTube, Twitch, Africa TV and Never TV.

For more information on BSC Season 6 and Battle Ground Info, you can see the official website (

On the other hand, after the BSC ends, PCs: Phase 1 is held from February 23 to 2022. BSC Season 6 Championship Team, including Korea, Japan, and Chain Taipei / Hong Kong / Macau T Taipei / Hong Kong / Macau Team, the teams with the highest skills of the Macau Team, It is scheduled to have.

In addition, Battle Ground Spots host the PUBG global championship (PUBG Nations Cup, PNC) and the Championship (PUBG Nations Cup, PNC) and Championship (PUBG Nations CUP, PNC) and Championship (PUBG Nations CUP, PNC), which is the two-regional competition this year.

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