FC Chelsea: Feeds after attack on Antonio Rüdiger

After the attack on Antonio Rudder at the 2-0 victory of the FC Chelsea against Tottenham Hotspur, the police arrested two people. This confirmed a spokesman on Monday.

Two men were arrested due to the suspicion, objects from the audience ranks, the police spokesman against SKY Sports announced. It would now be determined in cooperation with both clubs.

As pictures occupy, they had thrown a bottle opener during the game and a lighter from the ranks on rudder.

The trigger for the action is unclear. However, there are speculation that there would be a connection to the racist ignition lengths of the Spurs fans, which had made Rudder 2019.


Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel had requested after the game that the fans should show respect more. Although the former BVB coach is not worried, but appealed to the viewers.

If this is a new trend, we should act together to stop it. We have to protect the atmosphere and the environment of the game that is so unique in England, explained the 48-year-old and pushed it to: I love it to have fans near the place. Not behind fences and networks.

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