MHA artist shares new illustration of Mirko

One of the artists responsible for the sleeve of My Hero Academy has shared new art of Miro . This heroine has been one of the favorites between the fans from the debut of it in the arc of pro hero , and even Doha Hiroshi , creator of the series, admitted that he is one of the characters that He likes the entire franchise.

Yoko Okayama, The illustrator behind the Spin-off series, My Hero Academy: Team Up Missions , has been sharing via Twitter Several illustrations he made from Miro , and The most recent of them seems to have won the heart of the fans:

Currently, My Hero Academy: Team Up Missions already has a couple of additional volumes courtesy of Viz Media. If you are a fan of Miro, then this is a series that you can not miss Since this character has much greater protagonism in spin-off than in the main work.

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