[Todays Steam] Sangnam Games Mortal Online, 2 Comes Back

The expectation of the launch of the launch of February is attracting attention, and it has been attracting attention because it occupied the top sales of the steam’s top sales volume. After completing the ahead of the ahead, it is a full-release online 26 days.

Medical Online 2 is a mo tax online subsequent that expressed sandbox MMORPG. ‘If you die, you lose everything, and re – contrary, when you kill all the other users, you will take full effect. If you kill everything that you have killed to another user as a motto motor, the wall is somewhat higher. However, it seems that the user who felt attracted to the jolly theme of ‘winner-in-world’. If you become accustomed to the steam user evaluation, your opinion is presented that you have a unique fun that you will not go to another game.

In addition to the 25th, City: Skyline New DLC ‘Airport’ occupied the second place for the top sales ranking, and Red Dead Lemon received a 50% discount buff and recorded 10th.


On the other hand, at the top simultaneously, TOP 20, Yew He King Master Dual and Monster Hunter Rise held the 5th and 9th place, respectively, and the Rocket League returned to the ranking of the 20th in a week.

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