“We have played defensively close to the perfection,” We Koschinat praised his team at the microphone of “Magenta Sport”. In fact, the 1st FC Saarbrücken left little at 2-0 on the second representation of Borussia Dortmund, only two large opportunities were able to play out on Wednesday evening.

Koschinat introduced his team well on the BVB, after the previously wild 4: 3 in Duisburg, the defensive of the FCS showed much more stable again. The offensive quality also maintained Saarbrücken, although the consequence in the degree in half-time one was still missing. “We had to lead to the break actually,” says Koschinat, who spoke the awarded opportunities of Adriano Grimaldi and Robin She.

“Maximum challenged in all areas”

After resourcing, Grimaldi was relying on again, the attacker finished his home alone (first goal since October 1) and scored his 11th goal out. But that only because he rested first. “The preliminary work is outstanding because we play a great pressing. I stayed lazy at the moment and stopped, but it was rewarded because I get the ball. Somewhere it is also my job to make things,” analyzed Grimaldi his leadership hit.

As a result, Grimaldi & Co. stood hard again, Dortmund increased the pace clearly. Saarbrücken could hardly liberate more, which also saw koschinat like that. “We have been challenged today in all areas, but we have set excellent signs in the square.”

Top game against Magdeburg

Sign Grimaldi did not expire at least offensive in this phase, after 78 minutes for the 30-year-old German-Italian – for him, Minos Gourds came, a lucky grabbing koschinats. The 23-year-old, who was replaced for the fourth time after his corona infection, laid a sprint over 50 meters after a few seconds and then hit the decisive 2-0. “Honestly, I said to Adriano Grimaldi after the replacement, even though he was still able to counter, we counter now over Gourds – and a few seconds later, he actually stands out in front of the gate,” Koschinat admitted his almost clairvoyant skills.

Through the 2-0, Saarbrücken sixth home win, the FCS jumps in place 2 – even if some teams have completed a game less. Next Saturday, the absolute top game against the 1st FC Magdeburg is waiting now. “We deserve us that we now have such a nice game on Saturday,” Grimaldi is looking forward to the duel with the eleven points distant League Prius, which according to Koschinat “is an absolute exception in the league”.

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