Lol: Team Liquid comes out victorious in front of an unexpected dignitas

Digital ANTIPAS came to the Lock in qualifiers of the LCS without many expectations. The predictions were not favorable, and it was not expected that 100 Thieves lose, however, it happened. The next opponent of him was Team Liquid , who won it Fly quest in the quarterfinals phase.

One of the players to follow closely is Kim “river” dong-woo , jungle that was at PSG talon and participated in a semifinal of Mid-Season Invitational . He arrived as a reinforcement of digital for the 2022 season of the LCS, being vital in their grouping games of groups and quarterfinals. The great challenge of him are the best of five, who started with a victory for his squad.

TL vs DIG - Game 1 | Semi Final LCS 2022 Lock In Playoffs | Team Liquid vs Dignitas G1 full game
With the 1-0 in your favor, digital sought to extend the streak in the second set. He got casualties near the 14th minute after a confrontation in the crack’s herald area. Erin “Blue” Goren and Aaron “Fake god” Lee were the beneficiaries in the crash, carrying the presence towards the central and upper lane to achieve structures. Thanks to it, his team was slightly at the head in gold, but nothing out of Team Liquid’s hands.

For the minute 24, Steven “Hans Samey” Liv obtained a quadruple murder that allowed Baron Nash or hunt. Minutes later, after denying the soul point, Team Liquid got an extermination that tied the 1-1 series. Digital did not stay with his arms crossed and entered strong at the third meeting. He took several murders, the first two dragons and an enemy turret, making himself with a golden advantage.

The advantage did not last forever: Team Liquid followed closely to his rival, slow but safe. He achieved the necessary objectives and murders to keep forward. A group fight in the 35th minute put an end to the confrontation and left the horse with 2-1. The final match was a show of the ocean of champions of Gabriel “WIPO” Ran , in addition to the famous Clean of Søren “Bergen” Berg . In the company of the Diego of Lucas “Santorini” Tao Killer , Digital could not overcome the Gallop of Team Liquid. The final score was 3-1, returning to the great end of the Lock In.

Team Liquid will play against the winner of Cloud9 against Evil Geniuses on January 30.

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