Microsoft confirms that it will continue to launch activision games

In a new communiqué of Microsoft , you have confirmed that you will continue making Call of Duty and other popular titles of Activision-Blizzard are available at PlayStation during the term of any existing agreement with Activision », After the recent acquisition of the company for 68.7 billion dollars.

The comment comes in response to the “obvious concern” about Microsoft could make the franchise cod “be available exclusively on Xbox consoles, undermining the opportunities for Sony PlayStation users». The company has declared “committed to Sony that we will also make them available in PlayStation beyond the existing agreement and in the future so that Sony fans can continue to enjoy the Games they love.”

They have also revealed that they are interested in “taking similar measures to support the successful platform of Nintendo ” and, they explain, believe that “this is the right thing for the industry, for players and for our business.”

Here it should be clarified that they have not fully closed to maintaining all the Blizzard Activision titles as exclusive, so they could still launch some games as exclusive Xbox. In fact, if we compare with the purchase of Official Bethesda last year, at the moment only Starfield has been presented as one of its great exclusive after acquiring.

Analyst Daniel Ahmad, in a reading of the acquisition, explained that Microsoft’s main goal is to increase the value of Game Pass with the titles that can incorporate from activision, something that does not necessarily have to go through the exclusivity of the Games,

Microsoft Confirms Call of Duty Games Will Release On PlayStation In The Future
A couple of weeks ago, some sources close to the North American company and were warning about this. They confirmed to Bloomberg that at least the next three Call of Duty will also be launched in PlayStation even after the Microsoft acquisition is closed officially, which would include the new Modern Warfare developed by Infinity Ward, another developed delivery by Treyarch and Warzone 2 as a continuation of BATTLE ROYALE.

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