Island open world witch child delivery game “Mika and the Witchs Mountain” announced. Delivery of luggage around magic broom

Publisher’s Chibig announced a delivery adventure game “ Mika and the Witch’s Mountain ” in Jointly developed with Nukefist on February 3rd. The compatible platform is PC (STeam) and is scheduled to be delivered within 2022.

82 Paranormal Stories | 04 Hours 24 mins | Paranormal M

The main character of “Mika and The Witch’s Mountain” is still half a single person but motivated witch girl Mika. She is given the challenge of helping her to live in the village of the mountain foot, and she hand out her luggage using her magic broom. Become.

The stage is a bright blue sky, sea and a bright atmosphere where the green is shown. It is an open world, and the player is on foot or exploring across magic browses. If you get on the broom, the sea seems to be able to go to some extent offshore. Although many of the gameplay details are not yet released, it seems to be the main mission to receive luggage at the facility on the island and to the residents waiting for the luggage. Hang the luggage in the magic broom and go to the destination.

In the trailer, it is possible to squeeze the sky and fly the sky at a free timing. On the other hand, since a scene that is rising in the wind blowing out of the ground is also seen, the flight altitude may not be able to operate. Depending on your destination, you should use such airflow well or fly from a high place to slip from a high place.

In this work, there is no factor that fights against the enemy. However, some obstacles that carry the carrying luggage will be prepared, and you have to act while thinking about protecting your luggage during transport. And, in the village, you can meet quarter characters, and every time the delivery is completed, the story with such villagers will be developed. At the same time, it is possible to get some upgrade.

This work is said to be a narrative short film. Throughout the delivery of her luggage, we will touch the Mika’s growth story to look for her own way. Also, on this island, it seems that there is a secret that you want to play many times, so it seems to be replay. An atmosphere with horny is also attractive. Each work of developer Chibig may be characterized by some sharing of the view of the world, so it may also meet the characters that appeared in the past. In addition, as the past work of Chibig, there are agricultural games “Deiland” and the island, and the agricultural game “Summer In Mara”, which is the stage of the planet, and the agricultural game “Summer In Mara”.

“Mika and The Witch’s Mountain” is scheduled to be delivered within 2022 for PC (STeam).

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