WoW Patch 9.2: Developers cut campaign

The PTR of WoW Patch 9.2 approaches so slowly to the end. The new systems are predominantly implemented and can have been tested for quite some time. Also, the design of the animal sets and the tests of the Raid bosses are more or less completed. Now you might think it will be slow time that Blizzard announces a release for the live servers. Or, but they simply delete content back.

Because exactly what you have done with the latest PTR build. The developers have shortly removed the final of the campaign. So far, the upcoming campaign consisted of eight chapters and ended with “Epilog: Judgment”. This last chapter has not yet been tested on the PTR as the only part of the campaign yet. Obviously, Blizzard’s grand finale of the story (and probably also the fate of Sylvanas) did not fully betray.

Finale’s chapter of the campaign

Do not want to betray the end is quite understandable. But now the developers have just made that final chapter completely. The Campaign of Patch 9.2, secrets of the first, now includes only seven chapters. The epilogue has disappeared.

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Why that is the case, it can only be speculated. A guess is that the developers belong to this epilogue, who probably is not directly related to our victory over the Chairman, for one of the upcoming patches and then want to take it as a starting signal for the following extension.

Another speculation would be that for the final still any contents, such as Cinematics or the like are missing, but the developers do not want to wait for the release of 9.2 on their completion.
Or, but it was simply decided that the chapter is superfluous, who knows.

Also about the content of the remote chapter you can only speculate.

In view of some animations found in the data from Tyrande Wisperwind and Sylvana’s wind runners , it is very likely that it’s about the two.

Eternity’s End – Developer Preview | World of Warcraft: Shadowlands
Because even if Sylvanas ultimately helps us to victory over the Chairman, there is still the flaring of the world tree of Teldrassil in the room, whereby Tyrande has started her richefeld train against Sylvana at all. So it is to be assumed that there is still any final judgment (considering the English title of the Chapter “Epilog: Judgment”).

Similar to the escape of Garroshs, which did not come into play with the final content patch of MOP, a possible escape or the end of Sylvanas could represent the starting signal for patch 10.0 and the story of Shadowlands – but that is pure speculation.
What do you think has to mean that developers suddenly remove the final chapter of the upcoming campaign?

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